August Birth Flowers

The poppy is one of two flowers associated with August birthdays.

The poppy is one of two flowers associated with August birthdays.

In many regions, the arrival of August means not just a trip back to the classroom for school-aged children but also the end of summer's heat and the arrival of crisp and cool fall nights. This month is named after Julius Caesar’s son, Augustus, the leader under whom Julius Caesar's calendar reform efforts were completed. If seeking a floral gift for someone who lights his birthday candles during this month, consider a flower traditionally tied to this month in place of a more standard flower present.


The tall and impressive members of the Gladiolus genus, also known as gladiolas, derive their name from their appearance. These flowers are named after the gladiators that once filled the Roman Colosseum and fought, sometimes to the death, because the flowers resemble these fighter's swords. Gladiolas feature tall, firm stalks that propel the blooms skyward, giving them an uncommon and imposing appearance. Because these flowers are so similar in appearance to swords, they are also sometimes called “sword lilies.” Gladiolas are a part of the iris family.

Gladiola Varieties

Gladiolas are indigenous to sub-Saharan Africa but can grow in an assortment of regions, including most regions in North America. There are approximately 260 varieties of this flower in an array of hues. The only color in which gladiolas don't grow naturally is blue.

Gladiola Meaning

Gladiolas symbolically represent strength of character and generosity. These meanings make the floral gift a sublimely ideal one for someone who both celebrates an August birthday and is extremely generous or strong in the face of pressure.


The poppy is also tied to the month of August. This flower is not just used to celebrate August births, it is also representative of the concept of remembrance -- the red poppy is commonly a symbol for remembering those lost in war. Canadians in particular wear paper red poppies on their labels to pay homage to those lost in war.

Poppy Varieties

While red poppies are the most common, this flower comes in several different hues including orange, yellow and purple. The golden poppy, a brilliant yellow flower, is the state flower of California, representing the sunny skies common in this state.

Poppy Meaning

The poppy flower carries many alternate meanings. Because opium, a powerful mood-influencing chemical, can be derived from these blooms, the flower is associated with oblivion and sleep. It is also commonly considered a flower reflective of imagination, making a poppy gift ideal for an August birthday celebrant who is highly creative.

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