February Birth Flowers

Bright blue violets can bring color to any home during February.

Bright blue violets can bring color to any home during February.

While everyone is familiar with the concept of birthstones, birth flowers are less well-known. The February birth flowers are the violet and primrose. If you're giving a gift for a February birthday, give a bouquet of violets or primroses or a potted violet or primrose.

Choosing a Violet

There are several distinct types of violets, and all may be used as the February birth flower. The common violet is a low-growing perennial plant with blue or purple flowers. African violets are typically grown as a potted plant with delicate flower blossoms and soft, velvety leaves. Pansies are closely related to violets and may be grown outdoors in the garden in the spring. Depending upon your climate, violets may begin to bloom as early as the end of February and bloom throughout the spring, fading by May. You can purchase potted African violets throughout the year or start violet or pansy seeds indoors if you plan to give them as a February birthday gift.

Violet Colors

Choose blue, yellow, cream, purple or mauve violets for the special someone in your life. All colors of violet are associated with the birth month of February. If you're giving amethyst birthstone jewelry, consider purple-toned violets to match the jewelry. A small mixed violet bouquet can perk up a vanity or bedside table. Pansies offer a bolder alternative within the violet family.

Selecting Primroses

Primroses are a hardy perennial flower. While many primroses bloom in the summer months, the Chinese primrose, English primrose and fairy primrose bloom in cooler months. In many climates, primroses will survive in a window garden throughout the winter, allowing you to give a bouquet of primroses or a potted primrose as a birthday gift in February.

Primrose Colors

Primroses are most often yellow in color, ranging from pale to bright. The pale yellow color of many varieties of primrose has lent its name to a very light, soft shade of yellow. While yellow is the most typical color, primroses are available in a wide range of colors, including shades of red, pink and orange. Fill a large pot with primroses to place in a warm window or outside in a mild and gentle climate to add color to the winter garden.

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