July Birth Flowers

Though an abundance of flowers are available to choose from for a birthday gift during July, the larkspur is the traditional birth flower for this bright and sunny month, making it the perfect choice for a birthday bouquet. This flower, also known as the lark’s heel or knight’s spur, features an uncommon five-petal arrangement. Each petal contains a spur at the tip, and it is from these spurs that the flower derives its name.


This delicate flower is associated with lightness and humor, making it a fitting gift for a particularly comedic July birthday celebrant. Because the flower is associated with laughter, it makes the perfect companion for additional birthday gifts such as joke books or comedy films.

Larkspur Growth Patterns

The larkspur grows primarily in the Northern Hemisphere. The plant is also found in the mountains of tropical Africa. Bees and butterflies prove important to this plant as both help propagate the plant, transferring pollen from one bud to another. Larkspur flowers bloom from late spring to late summer.


There are approximately 250 species of larkspur. Though the species share some similarities, there are also some major differences. Depending on the specific variety, this plant can be either an annual or a perennial. The size of this plant also varies substantially from one variety to another, with some measuring as short as 4 inches and others as tall as 6 feet. The larkspur flower blooms in an assortment of colors, but deep purple or blue shades tend to be the most readily available commercially.

Larkspur Uses

Like many plants, the larkspur is more than just a natural beauty. In the past, the plant was used medicinally to prevent eye disease. Larkspur also has mystical uses, reportedly having been used in Transylvania to ward off witches.

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