June Birth Flowers

The rose is one of the birth flowers for June.

The rose is one of the birth flowers for June.

Flowers fill the landscape in June in many regions, making the presentation of a floral gift a fitting way to celebrate a June birthday. When searching for the perfect birthday present, consider selecting a gift featuring a June birth flower. By doing so, you can give your gift greater symbolic meaning.


One of the two flowers associated with June birthdays is the rose. This ubiquitous flower can be found in nearly any florist shop, making procuring this birth flower a simple task. While roses can bloom at various times throughout the year depending on the variety of rose in question, June is often a prime time for these flowers, allowing you to find fresh and vibrant blooms to fill your birthday celebrant’s bouquet.

Rose Meanings

The meanings associated with roses depend on the color of the rosebud, allowing you to send any message you wish while still sticking with the June birth flower. If you want to tell your recipient that you love her, give her a bouquet of classic red roses. If you want to send the message that she is innocent and pure, try a white bouquet. To represent friendship, make your bouquet a collection of yellow roses.


Decidedly less common than the rose, the honeysuckle is the second flower tied to the month of June. This delicate flower features an interesting arrangement of petals that protrude from a central point, creating a starburst effect. Like the rose, honeysuckles grow on bushes or vines. Because of their interesting petal arrangement and delicate nature, honeysuckles are not commonly found in cut arrangements; however, you can present your recipient with a potted honeysuckle as an alternative to a fresh bouquet.

Honeysuckle Meanings

The honeysuckle isn’t available in as broad a palette of hues as the rose. This flower is predominantly found in light hues such as white and cream. All varieties of honeysuckle plant are associated with love and devotion. Because of this, this flower is a wise choice for giving to someone to whom you would like to express your lasting dedication.

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