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Lily of the valley blooms in May in most regions.

Lily of the valley blooms in May in most regions.

May is the time of year when a plethora of flowers are in bloom in most parts of the country. The traditional flowers for the May baby are lily of the valley and hawthorne, although your gift recipient may enjoy any number of spring bouquets. The emerald is the gem traditionally associated with May births and could be expressed in the greenery of a trailing vine or plant.


Give flowers for a May birthday to express sentiments of good luck, friendship and loyalty, characteristics associated with the color green in both the leaves and gems targeted for the Taurus. Lily of the valley and hawthorne bouquets signify fertility and hope, similar to green emerald jewels. Other characteristics associated with the May birth flowers include humility and sweetness. The green of both the plants and the gems express sentiments of continued happiness for the recipient.


Lily of the valley is a perennial flower that’s commonly used as ground cover. The bright green leaves of the plant are spiked like lances, and the flowers are shaped like small bells and have a strong scent. After the flowers bloom, red berries form on the prodigious vines. Give a potted lily of the valley plant to someone who loves gardening or tending to plants. Hawthorne is a shrub in the rose family with dark green leaves that turn bright red before receding for the winter. The small white or pink spring-blooming flowers of the bush are very fragrant. The hawthorne bush is another potted plant ideal for the gardener on your gift list.


The lily is the alternate May birthday flower and gives you a range of options from which to choose. You can send a potted plant that can be moved outdoors for the gardener on your gift list or select from an array of cut flowers to celebrate a May birthday. Choose a full bouquet of Oriental lilies or give an explosion of Peruvian lilies sure to fill a May birthday with happiness and beauty.


Send a bouquet of long-stemmed red roses to a May birthday gift recipient who doesn’t garden. The dark green leaves on the flowers provide you with the sentiments of the month and make an ideal birthday gift, especially for someone with whom you have a close, intimate relationship. Red roses are associated with passion and love, and when combined with an emerald necklace or earrings, show your thoughtfulness and generosity, while keeping true to tradition.

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