November Birth Flowers

The chrysanthemum is the November birthday flower.

The chrysanthemum is the November birthday flower.

Traditionally chilly November is not a month known for floral beauty. As the warm summer gives way to the chill of winter, the landscape often becomes devoid of blooms, leaving it barren and colorless. Though flowers are not a common outdoor sight in most regions during this month, you can still delight those who celebrate a birthday in November with some beautiful and vibrant blooms. When selecting your perfect November floral gift, consider buying your recipient the flower thematically tied to this month.


The chrysanthemum, a bright flower that is a relative of the daisy, is the birth flower for the month of November. This flower is available in a variety of hues including white, red, yellow, orange and purple, among others, allowing buyers often to select the color preferred by the November birthday celebrant to make the gift even more reflective of the individual and her preferences.


The chrysanthemum has a long and complex history. This flower was prized in ancient China and, during the 15th century B.C., was grown for use as a flowering herb. The chrysanthemum is a powerful medicinal flower used in Chinese medicine to treat high blood pressure and related circulatory issues. The petals from this flower can also be used to make chrysanthemum tea, a drink that is said to reduce headache pain and aid in influenza recovery. This flower was so important to Chinese culture that the city of Chu-Hsien, which translates to “chrysanthemum city,” was named after it. The famous Swedish botanist Carolus Linnaeus gave this flower its English name, naming it with the Greek prefix "chrys-," meaning "golden." The popularity of this flower ultimately reached Japan, and it is now the flower symbolic of the Japanese emperor.

Symbolic Meanings

Though seemingly a simple flower, the chrysanthemum has many symbolic meanings. This flower is reflective of optimism and cheerfulness, making it a wise choice for a November birthday celebrant who always has a smile on her face. It is also reflective of wealth and abundance, making the giving of this flower an effective way to wish the recipient a year of success.


There are numerous varieties of chrysanthemum flowers, varying substantially in appearance. Some versions of this flower look almost identical to daisies with deep yellow centers. Others are fuller and feature curled petals that create pompom-style blooms.

Gifting Options

Because chrysanthemums are perennials, giving potted flowers of this type is a popular choice, since the recipient can later plant them in her garden and enjoy them for years to come. Gift givers can also select bouquets of chrysanthemums in a single hue or mixture of colors. For an alternate option, try mixing these blooms with the favorite flower of your November birthday celebrant to create a bouquet that is uniquely reflective of both her floral preferences and her birth month.

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