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Asters come in many shades, including deep purple and gentle violet.

Asters come in many shades, including deep purple and gentle violet.

Though nearly everyone knows their astrological sign and birthstone, many people don't know their birth flower. If you were born in the month of September, your flower is the aster. This flower somewhat resembles the daisy, but has daintier petals and comes in several different colors. If you are a September baby, or know one, there are several ways to incorporate asters into a birthday celebration.

Aster Meaning

Asters are traditional symbols of strength, purity and immunity. They are used as a symbol of bravery for soldiers. When you give an aster, you covey deep respect and admiration for the recipient. Asters are appropriate for friends, family members or loved ones and can convey deep feelings that are not immediately romantic (unless paired with a romantic flower, such as a rose).

When to Give

Although asters are the official flower for the month of September, you don't have to reserve them for a birthday -- they can be appropriate for all kinds of occasions. Just as birthstones can be given on anniversaries and for personal holidays, an aster bouquet or arrangement can also be given in these same circumstances. If you have a significant other that is a September baby, you can also give asters as part of a sweet Valentine's Day gift.


Asters are one of the most colorful flower varieties, with more than 300 different sub-species. The most predominant colors for asters are purple and pink, but they also come in several other colors such as white, blue, yellow and gold. Unlike roses, specific colors for asters are not assigned their own meaning. However, because they come in so many colors, finding one in your special someone's favorite color is relatively easy.

Pairing with other Flowers

Because of their simplistic structure, asters are easily grouped with other flowers. Adding asters to a rose arrangement makes for a very romantic bouquet, while asters paired with daisies make for a more friendly arrangement. ProFlowers has a beautiful Pink Ribbon Enchantment arrangement that features asters, lilies, daisies and lemon leaf. This arrangement is especially meaningful for someone whose life has been touched by cancer, since purchasing it supports the Komen for the Cure foundation.

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