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Restore the equilibrium in somebody’s home or office with the ancient art of Bonsai. Dispel the myth that bonsai is an art form that can be mastered only by professionals. Our bonsai’s are as beautiful as they are simple to maintain. Give the gift of peaceful tranquility with an exotic bonsai tree.

At OrderFlowers.com, we have mastered the ancient Japanese art form of creating miniature trees that dwell in miniature pots. We are pleased to offer you the fruits of our labor in the form of tiny gardenia, juniper, ficus, azalea, jade, palm and many more. Our bonsai trees come with simple to follow care instructions, so all you have to do is maintain their classic beauty.

Bonsai, which originated from the Chinese tradition of penjing, is an ancient art form that incorporates skillful cultivation techniques and over a thousand years of history. This history and skill goes into the creation of each of our exquisite bonsai trees. Give the unique gift of bonsai and your recipient will enjoy caring for their new plant and contemplating life’s meaning in it.

The mystery of the bonsai is as intriguing today as it was in ancient times. Some bonsai trees are thought to bring their owner good luck and fortune, others are simply to be contemplated and admired. Whatever the occasion, bonsai trees make unique and thoughtful gifts for family, friends and colleagues. Encourage the green thumbs in your office and give bonsai trees to colleagues as Christmas or end of year gifts. Thank a friend for a kind deed with Lucky Bamboo plants, or give family members bonsai plants that you can enjoy together throughout the years.

Bonsai trees usually need sunlight, and our range of bonsais includes indoor and outdoor varieties. The Japanese cedar is a perfect bonsai for an outdoor patio, and the charming outdoor Satsuki Azalea bonsai makes a unique gift for any Azalea lover. The plant comes in bud form and your recipient can witness the Azalea’s amazing transformation from green to blooming pinks in late spring.

The Golden Gate Bonsai (Ficus microcarpa) is a tropical plant and will thrive in a sunny area. These bonsai trees can be placed indoors near southeast or west facing windows. The indoor Gardenia Bonsai makes a beautiful addition to a sunny breakfast nook. Wake up to a new day and witness these beautiful bonsai trees as they flower intermittently throughout the year. The gardenia's perfume will fill your home and lift your spirits.

Introduce family, friends and colleagues to the world of Bonsai, with a starter kit complete with all the tools necessary for maintaining their new plant. The kit includes clippers, a humidity tray, fertilizer, and Bonsai 101 book. Spoil yourself and buy a starter kit for your own home! Why not learn the ancient art of Bonsai so you can teach others your new skill? You will find that Bonsai is a relaxing and interesting pastime you can enjoy into the future. You may find yourself propagating your own miniature plants to give as gifts to others!

Make a unique statement when you have a bonsai tree delivered to someone special. Our easy ordering and payment process makes buying bonsai trees fun and our fast delivery options mean that you needn’t worry if you’ve left buying a gift to the last minute! Our overnight shipping will have your ancient bonsai gift arrive the very next day.


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