Choosing a Mixed Bouquet

Mixed flower bouquets are available in nearly any color palette.

Mixed flower bouquets are available in nearly any color palette.

Mixed flower bouquets are an affordable alternative to more expensive flowers, like roses. These bouquets are colorful, pretty and can be quite long-lasting, depending on the blossoms you choose. Opt for a wide variety of flowers for a casual and pretty seasonal bouquet, or stick to a single color for an elegant display appropriate for the most formal occasions.


A mixed bouquet may include lilies, zinnias, carnations, chrysanthemums and gerbera daisies as well as more expensive flowers, like roses, tulips and irises. Depending on the bouquet, you may find that some flowers are open, while others are still closed. Most types of cut flowers are available year-round from sellers like ProFlowers, but you may wish to choose a seasonal bouquet for colors and blossoms that suit the time of year..


If you purchase a mixed flower bouquet at the grocery or discount store, it will likely include flowers of all different types and colors, from bright yellow to reds and purples. Ordering a mixed bouquet from a reputable florist allows you to select a color-coordinated arrangement. Try shades of orange and gold in the autumn, a simple white bouquet for a special occasion, or an elegant mixture of red and white flowers for the holidays. If you're sending flowers, consider the recipient's favorite shades.


Depending upon the mixed bouquet you choose, you can send a message of love and romance, good cheer, sympathy or friendship. Red, pink and white are ideal for a romantic bouquet, while shades of yellow are a happy choice for a get-well bouquet. White, lavender or other subdued shades are ideal for a sympathy arrangement.

Long-Lasting Flowers

Mixed bouquets can allow you to enjoy the color and cheer of flowers in your home somewhat longer than a bouquet made up of a single type of flower. Choose a bouquet with many different types of flowers. As individual flowers fade, remove them, and rearrange your mixed bouquet to continue to enjoy longer-lasting flowers like lilies. You can extend the life of your flowers by cutting the stems and replacing the water every three days. Add a pinch of sugar and a penny to the water to keep your mixed bouquet fresh as long as possible.

Arranging Mixed Bouquets

While your florist will arrange a mixed bouquet for delivery, if your flowers have started to fade or you've bought a bouquet at a local market, you may want to arrange your own flowers. Turn even the simplest bouquet into an elegant arrangement by snipping the stems relatively short. Group flowers by color, and arrange them in a vase of low to medium height. As flowers fade, separate blossoms into small bouquets in mason jars, small glasses or bud vases.

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