Choosing Birthday Flowers for Her

Delight the girl in your life with birthday flowers.

Delight the girl in your life with birthday flowers.

Many women delight in receiving floral gifts for their birthdays. While a bouquet of flowers may seem a simple present, selecting just the right blooms can be difficult. To ensure that your floral gift is as thoughtful as it is beautiful, carefully consider your flower options, and make a selection that is perfect for the occasion for which you are giving the blooms.

Birth Month Flowers

Allow the month in which your recipient celebrates her birthday to dictate which flowers you present to her. If your recipient celebrates her birthday in February, present her with a potted primrose or bouquet of these petite blooms as this flower is tied to this month. Similarly, if the recipient's birthday rests in January, give her a bouquet of carnations, the flower tied to this wintery month.

Favorite Hue Bouquet

Delight your flower recipient with a bouquet comprised of flowers in her favorite hue. If your birthday celebrant is a lover of pink, for example, buy her a mixed bouquet that features pink roses, pink Gerber daisies and pink tulips. Similarly, if she is a lover of blue, buy her a collection of blue irises and periwinkles. Instead of presenting this color-themed bouquet in standard paper or plastic wrapping, have it placed in a vase of the same hue to make the entire display reflective of her preferred color.

Seasonal Delights

Often, the most stunning flowers you can get are those that are in season. If you seek, above all else, a fresh and vibrant bouquet, consider selecting blooms that are in season when your recipient is celebrating her birthday. Buy the girl in your life who celebrates an April birthday a bouquet of tulips or daffodils, as these spring-time blooms will likely be available in abundance, making an impressively large bouquet easy to acquire.

Meaningful Blooms

Choose flowers that carry a deeper meaning to share your feelings with your recipient on her birthday. If, for example, you want to tell your birthday flower recipient that you value her as a friend, buy her a bouquet of chrysanthemums, which send the message, “You are a wonderful friend.” If you want to tell your recipient that you think she is a strong and admirable person, try gladiolas, which represent strength of character. To compliment your birthday flower recipient on her good looks, present her with an orchid, as this flower is reflective of beauty.

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