Choosing Birthday Flowers for Him

When looking for a gift for a guy, flowers probably don't jump immediately into your mind. You can, however, please even the most masculine of men with birthday flowers if you engage in careful consideration of your options. Though some flowers are frilly and fit for feminine recipients, there is an array of floral options suited for the man in your life, and one of these options may prove a fitting one for the birthday boy you hold dear.

Rugged-Hued Bouquet

Instead of getting your guy a girly-pink bouquet or a sedate white option, get him a collection of flowers more reflective of his masculinity. Seek a bouquet filled with deep-hued flowers in fall tones, such as a collection of deep crimson Gerber daisies or rich, rust-orange carnations with sprigs of greenery.

Message-Filled Gift

Instead of giving your male birthday recipient a plant that is just attractive, select something that is also meaningful. Try, for example, the Good Fortune Money Tree from ProFlowers. This feng shui piece is intended to bring the recipient good fortune, making it a fitting way to tell him that you hope his next year is a luck-filled one. For an even more exotic alternative with a similar meaning, give the birthday boy a collection of lucky bamboo stalks.

Uncommon Plant

Make your floral gift a conversation piece by buying your recipient an exotic live plant. Try, for example, the Birthday Buzz Coffee Plant from ProFlowers. This gift features a live coffee plant growing in a coffee mug, the perfect present for a coffee-loving birthday boy.

Flower Petal Decorations

If your gift is for a man with whom you have a romantic relationship, consider using flowers in a more sensuous fashion. Instead of giving your guy a gathered bouquet of blooms, lay out a trail of flowers leading him to an intimate dinner you have prepared in the kitchen or a romantic scene you have laid out in your bedroom. As your man travels down the path you have created, he can collect the blooms, ending up with a beautiful bouquet that he can hold while taking in the stunning scene you have prepared in honor of his birthday.

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