Choosing Birthday Flowers for Kids

When seeking a birthday present for a child, many overlook a potentially compelling option -- flowers. Though it may seem that flowers are intended for presentation to a lover or Mom on Mother’s Day, these beautiful blooms don’t have to be relegated to those select recipients. Children too can enjoy the stunning natural beauty of flowers. When you next seek to celebrate the birthday of a child, consider making all or part of your gift floral in nature.

Colorful Blooms

Select bold and vivid-hued flowers as a reflection of your youthful recipient’s energy and enthusiasm for life. Try, for example, hot pink Gerber daisies, bold blue carnations or stunning yellow poppies to fill your recipient’s birthday bouquet. Place these beautiful blooms in a vivid-hued vase surrounded with brightly colored ribbons to make the gift as bright and vibrant as the youngster for whom it is intended.

Big and Beautiful

Make your floral birthday gift or party decorations whimsical and engaging by selecting big blooms. Try, for example, sunflowers. These larger-than-life blooms will likely impress your youthful recipient. With just a dozen of these massive blooms, you can create a stunning birthday present or engaging party centerpiece that your recipient will likely delight in viewing.

Exotic Flowers

Step away from the norm by presenting your child birthday celebrant with exotic flowers. The young recipient of your birthday affections has almost certainly seen carnations, roses and tulips, but less common options, such as birds of paradise flowers, will likely not be as familiar a sight and, as a result, will prove more appreciated. This option is a particularly wise choice if your celebrant will commemorate her birthday with a tropical-themed party, such as a luau.

Inexpensive Options

If you want to fill your tot’s party with flowers, selecting inexpensive blooms is a wise choice. Your child birthday celebrant likely won’t care whether the flowers that you present to her or use to fill her party centerpieces are bold and expensive roses or cheerful and less-expensive wildflowers. Try, for example, a few bouquets of blue irises, like those available from ProFlowers, to make a visual impact with your flowers while still keeping some money in your wallet for the other birthday-time necessities.

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