Choosing Diamond Anniversary Flowers

Lush bouquets of roses bring fragrance and beauty to an anniversary celebration.

Lush bouquets of roses bring fragrance and beauty to an anniversary celebration.

If you're fortunate enough to celebrate a diamond anniversary with a lucky couple, flowers are an ideal way to mark this occasion. While the diamond anniversary is traditionally the 75th wedding anniversary, the 60th anniversary may also be referred to as the diamond anniversary. In either instance, a lifetime together is something to celebrate with a bouquet or arrangement to remember.

Favorite Flowers

If you know the couple's favorite flowers or have heard a story about the early years of their relationship that features a special blossom, choose a bouquet around their history and preferences. Perhaps he brought her pink roses on their first date or she wore a corsage of violets to their high school prom. Choosing a sentimental favorite is sure to bring back joyous memories of their lives together.


If you're unsure of what kind of flowers to send, roses are always a safe choice for a special anniversary. When you're celebrating your own diamond anniversary, choose an exuberant, oversize bouquet of deep red roses. If you're purchasing roses for your grandparents' or parents' diamond anniversary, consider pink, white or cheerful yellow blossoms. You can opt for an easy online delivery service like ProFlowers to send your happy wishes when you can't be physically present. While it would be a splurge, consider filling the house with 60 or 75 rose blooms, rather just one to two dozen.

Go White

Opt for an all-white bouquet to represent the clear brilliance of a white diamond. Consider a bouquet of 60 white blossoms for a lavish display or include a stunning white flower for each decade of marriage if you would prefer a smaller or more modest bouquet. Options include white roses, peonies, orchids, tulips and lilies.

Gifts for Gardeners

Gardeners marking their diamond anniversary can celebrate with a delicate lavender-toned rose bush. The thornless Diamond Anniversary rose cultivar is a small bush with a delicate mauve or lavender color. As an alternative, the pink Diamond Wishes rose thrives in a container and would make a lovely diamond anniversary gift for someone without garden space.

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