Choosing Exotic Wedding Flowers

While some select classical and simple flowers for their wedding days, others seek more uncommon blooms, turning their attention instead to exotic options. Adding exotic flowers to your wedding day is an easy way to give the event a beachy feel or decorate a tropical destination wedding site. To ensure that your exotic flowers fit into your wedding scheme and stay vibrant throughout your entire ceremony and reception, there are some things you should take into consideration when making your selection.


Before you decide specifically which tropical flowers you intend to include in your wedding, it is wise to consider how you will use these flowers. If you are looking for flowers to fill a bouquet, you likely want flowers that have more body, such as Dendrobium orchids. If you are instead looking for bold flowers to sit in the center of your wedding tables, bromeliads may prove a better option. Before you visit your florist or begin your online flower search, list all the ways in which you want flowers to be present in your wedding to ensure you are prepared for the meeting or search process.

Color Choices

The tropical paradises in which exotic flowers thrive are often known for their colorful landscapes. Exotic flowers are available in a wide array of hues, allowing you to select a flower that will fit with nearly any wedding palette. If, however,you want flowers to be the dominant feature of your wedding, you may first want to select flowers that appeal to you, then plan your color scheme around the blooms you most prefer.

Weather Considerations

Exotic plants are generally found in tropical, warm climates. If your wedding ceremony and reception site won't be warm, choosing particularly temperature-sensitive flowers, such as orchids, is a bad idea. If you want to use tropical flowers but know your wedding site won't have a tropical climate, select waxy-leaved plants such as birds of paradise, which can tolerate cooler temps.


Because they are generally more rare than other flowers, preparing a wedding rich in exotic blooms may prove a bit pricey. If you want to feature tropical flowers but have a tight wedding budget, you can still do so by selecting less expensive exotic flower options such as potted orchids. These potted plants will not only cost less than numerous stems of exotic flowers, but they can also double as wedding favors, saving you money in another category and making your exotic flowers fit better within your budget.

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