Choosing Flowers for an Anniversary

Delight your partner with flowers this anniversary.

Delight your partner with flowers this anniversary.

Whether presented as a standalone gift or part of a collection of presents, flowers prove a popular anniversary treat. When seeking anniversary flowers this year, step away from the standards and try something a bit less ordinary. Select flowers that are more than just beautiful. Look instead for blooms that carry some deeper meaning as a way to show your partner that you put some serious thought into this year's flower buying process.

Sticking with Tradition

Just as different materials are tied to different anniversaries, each anniversary has a specific flower with which it is associated as well. Show your thoughtfulness to your partner by following these traditional guidelines and presenting a bouquet of pansies for the first anniversary, a collection of daisies for the fifth, and a bunch of daffodils for the tenth.

Memories of the Past

Look into the past when seeking flowers for your anniversary celebration. Buy your girl a bouquet of the blooms that filled her wedding bouquet. If you aren't yet married, get her a bouquet reminiscent of the first floral gift you ever gave her. Pair the present with a card telling her that, despite the passing of time, your love for her is just as strong as it was when you presented the bouquet that this one is intended to mimic.

Flower Meaning

Tell your partner how you feel with meaningful flowers. Take flower meanings into consideration when choosing your blooms. For a potted option, try an orchid, as this flower is representative of love. Purchase crimson roses if you want to show your partner that you still feel passion for her. Select a bouquet of orange blossom to represent your eternal love. Add baby's breath to your arrangement to show your partner that she inspires joy, as this flower type means happiness.

Meaningful Mixed Bouquet

If you and your partner share children, you may wish to give a nod to all of the members of your family when creating your anniversary bouquet. Do so by creating a mixed bouquet featuring birth-month flowers for each member of your family. If you celebrate your birthday in June, your partner in April, and the child you created together in May, craft a bouquet featuring roses, daisies and lily of the valley as these flowers are representative of the respective months of birth for your family members.

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