Choosing Flowers for Mother's Day

Roses are among the most popular Mother's Day flowers.

Roses are among the most popular Mother's Day flowers.

Whether presented as a simple bouquet of cut flowers, a potted plant or an elaborate floral arrangement, flowers are one of the most popular gifts for Mother’s Day. Presenting Mom with beautiful flowers is a symbolic way of communicating sentiments you may find difficult to put into words. Finding the perfect flowers to give your mother on Mother’s Day is often a matter of choosing a flower or color that has personal meaning.


Carnations have long been a traditional Mother’s Day flower. When selecting carnations, keep in mind that different colors convey different meanings. The popular pink carnation represents gratitude. Red carnations send a message of admiration. While pink and red carnations honor mothers who are living, white carnations are often used in memory of deceased mothers. This custom originated in 1908 when Anna Marie Jarvis -- the founder of Mother's Day -- handed out 500 white carnations at the first official celebration of Mother’s Day. The carnation had been her mother’s favorite flower.


After carnations, more women receive roses on Mother’s Day than any other flower. Giving your mother or other special lady in your life a bouquet of dark pink roses for Mother’s Day expresses a sense of gratitude. Medium pink roses signify grace. Pink roses, in general, symbolize admiration and appreciation. Yellow roses convey a message of devotion.


Like numerous other flowers, the orchid symbolizes love. In Chinese culture, the orchid is a symbol of having many children. To most people, this flower represents beauty, refinement, maturity and charm. Orchids come in a variety of colors including green, pink, blue, red, yellow, white and the traditional purple. With each color comes a special meaning. Pink orchids are a symbol of affection. White orchids are associated with beauty. Flowers that are purple in color communicate a sense of pride, honor, loyalty and respect -- universal Mother's Day messages.


Tulips make an ideal gift as a token of your affection. The flowers, which are among the first to bloom each spring, pass on a message of love. Available in a wide array of beautiful colors, pink tulips tell someone you care and are a symbol of your affection. Presenting a woman with yellow tulips is a way of telling her she has a warm, sunny smile. Cream tulips let her know that you will love her forever.

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