Choosing Flowers for Valentine's Day

Red roses are a symbol of romantic love.

Red roses are a symbol of romantic love.

Over the years, Valentine’s Day has evolved beyond a holiday reserved just for lovers to one that recognizes relationships of all kinds. Children, friends, co-workers, teachers and parents now receive flowers, cards and gifts on February 14. The card and flower industry support the trend by providing consumers with more options for showing your loved ones how you feel. When choosing flowers for those special people in your life, consider the lifestyle and preferences of the recipients, and choose flowers that clearly convey your sentiments.


Despite its growing popularity as a day for honoring all relationships, Valentine’s Day remains largely a day for lovers. With its long history dedicated to romantic love, February 14 continues to be the day when lovers expect gifts and flowers. Red roses are the symbol of pure love, and florists have a hard time keeping the long-stemmed beauties on hand for Valentine’s Day. Whether you have a tradition with your lover that includes an annual delivery of red roses or you’re in a new, budding romance, you can’t go wrong with a stunning bouquet of red roses. Instead of fighting the crowds at the local florists and risking the chance they’ll run out before you get there, order your perfect red roses from a trusted online source such as ProFlowers.


A healthy bouquet of roses will last about a week or even longer if you change the water and use the flower food enclosed with the delivery. If you’d like the sentiment to last more than just a few days, consider choosing a flowering potted plant this year. A small pot of tea roses can express your true feelings and, with a little care and eventual repotting, keep on expressing your love for years to come. For something a little different, send bluebells, which the ACS Garden reports are a symbol of constancy. Giving potted bluebells further strengthens your message of long-lasting, constant love.


Roses make an ideal Valentine’s Day gift for anyone. They bring the fresh, heady scent inside when the winter weather often offers little in the way of natural smells. If you want to tread lightly with a new relationship or just want to send roses to a special friend, bypass the passionate red roses and choose one of the many other colors available. Pink roses for example are innocent and happy and don’t convey any deep connection. Go for a bouquet of peach-colored roses if you feel tenderness toward the recipient. Choose yellow roses if you want to convey happiness and friendship.


Not everyone appreciates a bright bouquet of flowers. If you want the keep the gift low-key, go with roses or other flowers that tend toward orange, ginger or vermillion shades. With orange roses, tulips, snapdragons, mums and lilies, you can create a bouquet suitable for a man or someone to whom you want to express warm wishes without overpowering the recipient.

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