Choosing Silver Anniversary Flowers

Give your beloved a single silver rose.

Give your beloved a single silver rose.

The tradition of honoring the 25th anniversary with silver started in Central Europe in medieval Germany when women were presented with a silver wreath after 25 years of marriage. The significance of the gift honored the time she spent with her husband; it also recognized the years of patience and hard work that she must have put into the union to achieve the harmony necessary to maintain a relationship for that long. Consider the accomplishment of both the husband and wife when choosing flowers to accompany your silver anniversary gifts.


Roses have long held the honor of representing love and romance, characteristics of an enduring 25-year marriage. The bouquet of a dozen long-stemmed white roses from ProFlowers closely resembles the silver traditionally reserved for the 25th anniversary and makes a stunning gift to serve as the centerpiece at the anniversary dinner table. Go big and send 25 red roses to your beloved and have them wrapped in silver paper. A stunning silver vase would make an appropriate addition to the large bouquet.


A potted orchid is an ideal flower to present at the silver anniversary party of an avid gardener or orchid enthusiast. In addition to conveying love and elegant luxury, the orchid is a symbol of strength, a characteristic most likely apparent in a 25-year union. Use a silver vase to present a bouquet of cut orchids, or pot a plant in a silver container to combine the tradition of endurance with the symbolic representation of loving thoughtfulness. Orchids also are a good choice for men on the silver anniversary. The word “orchid” is Greek for manliness or testicles.


The Always and Forever bouquet from ProFlowers is appropriately named for a silver-anniversary wish. The three stems of white Oriental lilies with multiple blooms signify the purity of your love and femininity of your partner. The 12 red tulips in the bouquet symbolize undying love. Finally, the vibrant green ruscus in the bouquet is associated with endurance and stability while providing a stunning background for the red and white flowers.


Since there are no silver flowers that grow naturally, this is a good year to give a silver silk bouquet of roses or other blooms created from glittery silver silk. The flowers last indefinitely and provide a constant reminder of the big event. A more elaborate and expensive bouquet made of sterling silver or platinum makes an even bigger statement and could serve as a lovely addition to any room décor. Instead of looking for an entire bouquet, give a single sterling silver rose to your beloved in honor of your 25 years together.

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