Choosing the Perfect Thank-You Flowers

Sending flowers is an ideal way to thank someone for any number of kindnesses and thoughtful actions. Flowers are especially suitable when a friend or family member really goes out of her way to help you. Express your gratitude and appreciation in a big way by considering the recipient and what she might enjoy when choosing the right flowers to say "thank you."


Consider the lifestyle of the person to whom you’re sending flowers. If the person is someone who leads an active, busy life and has never shown much interest in plants or gardening, stick with cut flowers that won’t require any maintenance. Send cut flowers with a vase so the recipient won’t have to hunt for a vessel when she receives the bouquet. At ProFlowers, you’re always given the option of choosing from a variety of vases with every flower order.


A potted flowering plant, on the other hand, is a great way of extending your gratitude when you know your friend enjoys taking care of plants. Flowering plants provide years of beauty the recipient can enjoy, and many potted flowering plants such as azaleas and roses can be replanted outdoors. Your message of gratitude is repeated every time the recipient sees the blooms.


Consider the recipient and the message you want to send with the flowers when deciding which blooms to choose. Red roses, for example, are usually synonymous with romantic love and may not be appropriate for a platonic friend. Pink, on the other hand, is a color associated with innocence and platonic love. A bouquet of pink tea roses makes an ideal thank you gift for a female friend. Orange is a warm color that isn’t quite as happy and perky as yellow flowers and doesn’t carry any romantic or sentimental attachments. A bouquet such as the Fall Favorite from ProFlowers is ideal for men and women alike. The colors exude a sense of quiet, understated gratitude perfect for thank-you flowers.


Choosing the right flowers also requires a little knowledge about the hidden meaning behind certain species. For example, lilacs are commonly sent to a lover or friend with whom you want to cool off a relationship. To some people who place significance on tradition, black mulberries are a sign that death is coming to the recipient. Yellow roses typically signify jealousy. Stick with nondescript flowers that you don’t usually associate with other events or emotions. Daisies, sunflowers, irises and mixed bouquets are safest when you want to avoid sending the wrong message.

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