Choosing Unique Holiday Centerpieces

From candlelight to flowers, the right holiday centerpiece can make your celebration memorable.

From candlelight to flowers, the right holiday centerpiece can make your celebration memorable.

Move beyond the usual poinsettia or miniature Christmas tree when you're choosing a centerpiece for your holiday table this year. Create simple yet stunning arrangements with flowers, greenery, candles or even holiday ornaments. Size your arrangement up for a grand table or buffet display, or size it down if you're serving Christmas dinner on several small tables or planning an intimate affair.

Candle Centerpieces

Candles are a classic choice for a holiday table, but you can take this seasonal staple up a notch. Replace your usual tapers with playful tree-shaped candles for a whimsical style. To add sparkle to your table, spray tapers or pillar candles with spray adhesive and roll in fine glitter. Add bright color and a subtle fragrance to your table by placing a pillar candle into a hurricane vase and surrounding it with cranberries. Arrange candles in a cluster in the center of the table, or place them into a long, vertical row down the table.

Fabulous Fruit

Dress up winter fruits to add color to your table. Replace your usual fruit bowl with a large pedestal style bowl, cupcake stand or cake stand filled with clove-studded orange pomanders. Coat papier-mache fruit from the craft store with metallic paint or glitter, and group the shimmering fruit in baskets or bowls. For an extra-special centerpiece, coat fresh fruit with edible gold dust and wrap with ribbons. Group the fruit in a basket lined with magnolia leaves.

Decorate It

Incorporate your holiday decorations into your tabletop. Fill glass cloches with brightly colored balls for a simple centerpiece solution. If you're craftier, use tiny glass ornaments, buttons or beads to cover a Styrofoam tree form. Group several different size trees in the center of the table or from end to end on top of a table runner. Choose a single color to match your table theme, or opt for a mix of classic Christmas colors for a retro Christmas style.


Look past traditional winter flowers and bouquets for a stunning holiday table. Purchase red roses from ProFlowers, and arrange them in a lush bouquet with white tulips and white or green hydrangeas. Surround your vase with small tea lights. Nestle white flowers, like roses or tulips, in a large bowl with fresh, bright fruit like green apples or pears. Group red amaryllis blooms in a tall, slender vase, tying them tightly with bright ribbon.

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