Choosing Wreaths for the Door

Easily change the wreath on your front door to match the seasons.

Easily change the wreath on your front door to match the seasons.

Wreaths on your front door are both stylish and inviting. They help your home make the transition from the outdoors to the inside. Wreaths are a popular way to show off your style and creativity. They are easily switched out to match the season or mark a special occasion. Let your door wreaths reflect your tastes by making your own or ordering seasonal and event-related wreaths from a premium online florist such as ProFlowers.


Use a door wreath to decorate for important events and make announcements to your guest and to the neighborhood at large. For example, if you just had a baby, hang a custom-made baby wreath on the door that features a banner with the announcement. If you prefer more modest bragging decorations, hang a Bundle of Joy for Baby Boy Wreath from ProFlowers. The 9-inch wreath, which also comes in pink for girls, is made of sweet boxwood, features a bright blue ribbon for hanging and is adorned with blue ammoblum and tallow berries.


The Christmas wreath is a standard over the holidays. Use an artificial wreath made to look like pine needles or create a wreath from excess branches you cut off from your Christmas tree. Decorate during Thanksgiving with a wreath made with fall colors and a turkey plaque. Switch the turkey out for a pumpkin at Halloween. For Valentine’s Day use the 18-inch Forever Love wreath you can get from ProFlowers. The preserved wreath is designed from strawflower, pink roses, pink coxcomb and globe amaranth. The sweet smell of Santa Cruz oregano greets visitors as they approach your door during the season of love.


A wreath can serve as the centerpiece of an entire household full of patriotic decorations to honor a returning veteran or to display your patriotism on July 4th or Veteran’s Day. Decorate a simple green wreath with red, white and blue ribbons, or use the American Anthem Preserved Wreath from ProFlowers. Set out your flag on the flagpole and hang swag and banners inside your foyer to celebrate the occasion.


Friends and family may send you sympathy wreaths following the death of a loved one. Take the wreaths home and hang them on your front door and in strategic spots throughout the house as a symbol of your affection to honor the passing and continue the memories. Wreaths made with white roses or laurel, larkspur and satin ribbons are lovely reminders that can brighten your home during your time of grief. Purchase your own sympathy wreath from ProFlowers to hang on the front door to welcome mourners after the funeral to create a warm, inviting environment in which you can greet friends and family.

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