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In addition to offering a variety of high quality flowers we pride ourselves on the ability to offer high quality flower-related content. Whether you are looking for tip on how you keep your orchids alive longer or how to dry roses, our collection of flower articles is sure to teach you something new with each read.

Each article has been well researched using top floral research sites, historical data and supporting insights from the experts here at Order Flowers. This combined intelligence should provide you with all the information you need regardless of the floral topic you are researching.

Most Recent Flower Articles

Flower & Plant Care  
valentines day flowers 3 Ways to Make Sure Flowers Have Maximum Impact on Valentine’s Day  
single cut red rose How to care for cut roses  
Choosing Flowers & Plants  
potted plant Choosing Plant Gifts  
birthday flowers Choosing Birthday Flowers  
Wedding anniversary flowers Choosing Anniversary Flowers  
Man holding flowers Sending Flowers to Men  
Flower Facts & Information  
Perfume Bottle Flowers used in perfume  
Christmas Articles  
Christmas Carolers History of Christmas Carols  
Christmas Ornaments Wedding Christmas Ornaments  
Other Flower Articles  
  Choosing 1st Anniversary Flowers
Choosing 20th Birthday Flowers
Choosing 20th-Anniversary Flowers
Choosing 21st Birthday Flowers
Choosing 30th Anniversary Flowers
Choosing 30th-Birthday Flowers
Choosing 40th Anniversary Flowers
Choosing 40th Birthday Flowers
Choosing 50th Anniversary Flowers
Choosing 50th Birthday Flowers
Choosing 60th Anniversary Flowers
Choosing 60th Birthday Flowers
April Birth Flowers
August Birth Flowers
December Birth Flowers
February Birth Flowers
January Birth Flowers
July Birth Flowers
June Birth Flowers
March Birth Flowers
May Birth Flowers
November Birth Flowers
October Birth Flowers
September Birth Flowers
Choosing a Long-Lasting Flowering Plant
Choosing a Mixed Bouquet
Choosing Birthday Flowers for Her
Choosing Birthday Flowers for Him
Choosing Birthday Flowers for Kids
Choosing Diamond Anniversary Flowers
Choosing Exotic Wedding Flowers
Choosing Flowers for an Anniversary
Choosing Flowers for Mother's Day
Choosing Flowers for Valentine's Day
Choosing Silver Anniversary Flowers
Choosing the Perfect Thank-You Flowers
Choosing Unique Holiday Centerpieces
Choosing Wreaths for the Door
Top Choices for Sympathy Flowers
Caring for Cymbidium Orchids
Caring for Dendrobium Orchids
Caring for Flowering Bonsai Trees
Caring for Indoor Bonsai Trees
Caring for Indoor Flowering Plants
Caring for Perennial Flowering Plants
Caring for Phalaenopsis Orchids
Caring for Potted Rose Plants
Tips for Choosing Get-Well Flowers
Tips for Drying Flowers
Tips for Drying Sunflowers
Tips for Growing Orchids
Tips for Healthy Carnations
Tips for Making Wreaths
Tips for Ordering Flowers Online
Tips for Repotting Orchids
Tips for Trimming Bonsai Trees
How to Extend the Life of Cut Roses
How to Keep Your Exotics Thriving In an Indoor Environment
How to Make Your Orchids Thrive
Iris Tips and Care
Meaning of Blue Orchids
Meaning of Carnations
Meaning of Daisies
Meaning of Exotic Flowers & Plants
Meaning of Flowering Plants
Meaning of Iris
Meaning of Lilies
Meaning of Mixed Bouquets
Meaning of Orchids
Meaning of Pink Roses
Meaning of Purple Orchids
Meaning of Rose Colors
Meaning of Roses
Meaning of Seasonal Plants
Meaning of Sunflowers
Meaning of Tulips
Meaning of White Orchids
Meaning of White Roses
Meaning of Wreaths
Meaning of Yellow Roses
Decorating With Wreaths
Holiday Wreath Selection, Drying and Storage
The Cheapest Places to See Snow for Christmas
Wreaths for Fall
History of Mother's Day
Mother's Day Crafts
Mother's Day Ideas
Mother's Day Quotes
Poems for Mother's Day
The History of Mother's Day
Alabama State Flower - Camellia
Alaska State Flower - Forget Me Not
Arizona State Flower - Saguaro Cactus Blossom
Arkansas State Flower - Apple Blossom
California State Flower - California Poppy
Colorado State Flower - Rocky Mountain Columbine
Connecticut State Flower - Mountain Laurel
Differences Between Dendrobium, Cymbidium and Phalaenopsis Orchids
Florida State Flower - Orange Blossom
Georgia State Flower - Cherokee Rose
Hawaii State Flower - Ma‘o Hau Hele
Idaho State Flower - Syringa - Mock Orange
Illinois State Flower - Violet
Indiana State Flower - Peony
Iowa State Flower - Wild Prairie Rose
Kansas State Flower - Sunflower
Kentucky State Flower - Goldenrod
Louisiana State Flower - Magnolia
Maine State Flower - White Pinecone and Tassel
Maryland State Flower - Black-eyed Susan
Massachusetts State Flower - Trailing-Arbutus
Michigan State Flower - Apple Blossom
Minnesota State Flower - Pink and White Lady's Slipper
Mississippi State Flower - Magnolia
Missouri State Flower - Hawthorn
Montana State Flower - Bitterroot
Nebraska State Flower - Goldenrod
Nevada State Flower - Sagebrush
New Hampshire State Flower - Purple Lilac
New Jersey State Flower - Violet
New Mexico State Flower - Yucca Flower
New York State Flower - Rose
North Carolina State Flower - American Dogwood
North Dakota State Flower - Wild Prairie Rose
Ohio State Flower - Scarlet Carnation
Oklahoma State Flower - Mistletoe
Oregon State Flower - Oregon Grape
Pennsylvania State Flower - Mountain Laurel
Rhode Island State Flower - Violet
South Carolina State Flower - Yellow Jessamine
South Dakota State Flower - Pasque Flower
Tennessee State Flower - Iris
Texas State Flower - Bluebonnet
Utah State Flower - Sego Lily
Vermont State Flower - Red Clover
Virginia State Flower - American Dogwood
Washington State Flower - Coast Rhododendron
West Virginia State Flower - Rhododendron
Wisconsin State Flower - Wood Violet
Wyoming State Flower - Indian Paintbrush
Delaware State Flower - Peach Blossom
Get-Well Flowers for Kids
Get-Well Flowers for Men
Get-Well Flowers for Women
Sympathy Flowers for a Funeral
Sympathy Flowers Message Tips
Crafts for Valentine's Day
Poems for Valentine's Day
Special Valentine's Day Ideas
The History of Valentine's Day
Valentines Day Date Ideas
Valentine's Day Quotes
Common Types of Bonsai Trees
Common Types of Flowering Plants
Facts About Sunflowers
Popular Hanging Flowering Plants
Popular Lily Types - Stargazer Lilies, Peruvian Lilies, Peace Lilies
Popular Types of Iris Varieties
Popular Types of Orchids
Rare Exotic Flowers
Seasonal Plants by the Season
Thank-You Note for Flowers
The Japanese Iris
The Life Cycle of a Tulip: From Bulb to Bouquet
The Most Beautiful Exotic Flowers
The Perfect Birthday Flower Bouquet
The World's Most Rare Orchids
What Is a Perennial Flowering Plant?
Wreaths for Spring
Popular Types of Orchids
Rare Exotic Flowers
Seasonal Plants by the Season
Thank-You Note for Flowers
The Japanese Iris
The Life Cycle of a Tulip: From Bulb to Bouquet
The Most Beautiful Exotic Flowers
The Perfect Birthday Flower Bouquet
The World's Most Rare Orchids
What Is a Perennial Flowering Plant?
Wreaths for Spring


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