Tips for Making Wreaths

A beautiful wreath can include natural or synthetic elements.

A beautiful wreath can include natural or synthetic elements.

Making a homemade wreath is a great way to create a memorable centerpiece for your home without spending a lot of money. Though you might have the basics down, there are some tips that you should keep in mind when making a wreath. These tips will help you keep your budget small but your style high and make your wreath the best on the block.

Make Your Own Base

Though craft stores would love to sell you an expensive plastic base, you can actually make your own at home with regular household items. A wire hanger twisted into a figure eight and then folded over into a double ring will make a perfect base for your wreath, and costs next to nothing. If you need something to go in between your two rings (as an anchor for heavy items) you can use cardboard or heavy card stock.

Use Only One Type of Material

Both freshly made natural wreaths and long-lasting synthetic wreaths look great. However, mixing materials can lead to less-than-stellar results. Natural materials in a mostly synthetic wreath will whither quickly, and synthetic materials in a natural wreath will look too vivid and stand out.

Secure All Decorations

Though it might be tempting to simply stick your decorations in some cardboard or floral foam and leave them, this method will not keep your decorations in place for very long. To ensure the security of every element of your wreath, use pipe cleaners or twist-ties to secure the items onto either the frame or a small hole in the base. Make sure to fasten all materials as tightly as possible.

Create a Balanced Look

Balance is the name of the game when it comes to wreaths for more than one reason. First of all, it will create an eye-catching design that is not too busy. Secondly (and most importantly), a balanced wreath will sit nicely on a door or wall without slumping to one side or falling down. To test balance, simply pick up the wreath and feel for any abnormally weighted areas. If you find one, try removing or redistributing elements until you have a more even-feeling wreath.

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