Meaning of Blue Orchids

The more than 25,000 orchid species range in color from white, orange and yellow to blue and nearly black. The exotic plants make a perfect gift for flower lovers and are associated with love, beauty and strength. Once rare and reserved for the wealthy, orchids are now mainstream and affordable for everyone.


Blue is considered a calming color and often tops the list of favorites by many people. Blue orchids provide an ideal gift for a loved one to whom you wish to convey sentiments of loyalty and dependability. According to Precision Intermedia, blue has become associated with trustworthiness as evidenced by the number of uniforms that are blue. A blue orchid from a spouse denotes a sense of steadfastness in the relationship.


Natural blue orchids are rare, but you can find a number of genetically enhanced flowers that emanate a blue tint. Florists also dye white orchids to achieve various shades of blue. The rarity of the blue orchid brings with it even more sentiment for lovers. Precious and virile, the blue orchid represents a strong bond between two people. The Aztecs thought of the blue orchid as a symbol of strength, while the ancient Chinese considered the rare blue orchid a source of healing.


True blue orchids represent honesty and integrity. According to The Meanings of Flowers, pure blue flowers are considered symbols of spirituality and inspiration. Blue is generally considered a masculine color, making a blue orchid an ideal houseplant for a man who appreciates nature’s beauty. With its sense of perspective, blue denotes distance and perspective as well as strength and loyal presence.


More than any other flower, orchids are thought to bestow status. With the orchid's long history of symbolizing beauty and strength, the recipient of one cannot help but feel special. The person who receives a potted blue orchid from you will value your trust in her ability to care for such beautiful plant. While the potted plants are not difficult to maintain, they do require a modicum of effort, regular watering and fairly humid environment to thrive.

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