Meaning of Carnations

The carnation is a full and beautiful flower.

The carnation is a full and beautiful flower.

Carnations are a readily available and highly affordable flower, making them a popular choice for floral gift giving. Like many other flowers, the carnations you send to your lucky recipient can be more than just beautiful. With a knowledge of flower meanings, you can actually use these blooms to send a message to your recipient.

Carnation Facts

Carnations come originally from the Mediterranean, but due to their hardy nature, they can grow well in a variety of climates. This flower does not hug close to the ground, but instead can soar as much as 3 feet in the air, supported by its sturdy stem. Though, upon initial inspection, the carnation appears a simple pompom comprised of petals too numerous to count, carnations actually contain only five petals that, when gathered, form this characteristic shape.

Color Importance

The meaning a carnation conveys depends entirely upon the color of the bloom. While not all carnation hues have a symbolic meaning, as the flower is available in a wide array of tones, many colors convey a deeper meaning.

Positive Meanings

Many carnation hues have positive meanings. The pink carnation, for example, means gratitude, making it a fitting flower to send to say thank you. A yellow carnation symbolizes cheerfulness, so sending a bouquet of these blooms to an individual who is always bright and sunny is a wise choice.

Negative Meanings

The meanings tied to some carnation hues aren’t quite as positive as others. Red carnations symbolize flashiness and can be used to send the message that the recipient is overly concerned with her appearance. Carnations that feature stripes represent refusal and can be sent to express to a potential lover that you don’t possess the same feelings for her that she does for you. While not entirely negative, white carnations reflect remembrance, giving them a sad undertone as they are commonly placed graveside.

Birth Flower

Just as each month in the year is connected to a specific gemstone, each is also tied to a set flower. The carnation is the birth flower for January. When selecting a floral gift for a January recipient, consider including carnations in a mixed bouquet or comprising the bouquet entirely of carnations to reflect this connection.

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