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The daisy represents cheerfulness and childhood innocence.

The daisy represents cheerfulness and childhood innocence.

The word "daisy" often brings to mind the classic flower with white petals surrounding a yellow center, although some varieties have brightly colored rays and dark centers. The flower gets its name from the Old English term for “day’s eye” because it opens in the day and closes when the sun goes down. Daisies are one of the most common wildflowers on earth. As cut flowers, daisies last for weeks when you place them in a vase kept filled with clean water. The daisy has many meanings but is traditionally associated with love and beauty.


For centuries, the daisy has been of symbol of simple beauty. Daisies also symbolize childhood innocence and purity of heart. Giving daisies to someone is seen as a sign of true love and affection. Other popular meanings associated with the daisy include patience, modesty and cheerfulness. Friends give each other daisies as a promise to keep a secret, in which case the meaning of the daisy is “I’ll never tell.”


From ancient folklore to the present, the daisy has a long history linked to cultural customs and superstition. A timeless superstition says the flower can tell you how someone you love feels about you. Pulling the petals off the familiar oxeye daisy one by one while saying, “He loves me; he loves me not,” is a popular practice. The last remaining petal reveals the truth. Another common English tradition says that spring has not arrived until you step on 12 daisies. Daisies are often referred to as thunder flowers since they bloom throughout the summer when thunderstorms are most frequent. Superstition has it that the daisy also protects against lightning.

April Birth Month Flower

The daisy is the April birth month flower. Like the flower that represents their birth month, individuals born in April are known for their fun and easygoing personalities. They love attention yet delight in bringing joy and pleasure to others. Gerbera daisies are popular perennials often included in floral arrangements. This particular variety of daisy is native to South Africa and blooms in an array of bright, bold colors. Some people believe these and other varieties of the cheerful daisy bring happiness and good fortune to those who receive them.

Daisies for Special Occasions

Daisies are beautiful flowers to include in a bouquet presented as a gift for a birthday, Mother’s Day or anniversary. Many people give daisies as a gift to the parents of a newborn. The flowers are often used in bridal bouquets and as decorations for bridal showers, baby showers, anniversary celebrations and other special occasions. Daisies make bright and cheerful additions to any event.

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