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Choose a yellow rosebush to symbolize friendship.

Choose a yellow rosebush to symbolize friendship.

In the language of flowers, flowering plants share the meaning of their blossoms. You can give flowering plants, instead of a bouquet, to share a message of love, friendship or gratitude depending upon the flower and color you select. Flowering plants are a gift that keeps on giving, allowing the recipient to enjoy your thoughts and message for months or years to come, rather than just a few days.


While we often think of roses as a cut flowers, miniature and full-size rosebushes make a lovely gift. Choose a red rosebush to symbolize love and passion. Opt for yellow for as a gift to say "welcome back." Give a pink rosebush to mark a new or longstanding friendship. White roses symbolize purity and are a traditional choice for weddings. If you're far away, consider sending a white rosebush as an engagement gift.


Potted chrysanthemums are an ideal choice for fall birthdays, celebrations or hostess gifts. Choose red chrysanthemums to symbolize sharing or bronze for excitement. White chrysanthemums represent truth. Yellow chrysanthemums are appropriate if you have a secret love interest, since yellow chrysanthemums represent the secret admirer.


Potted orchids are an elegant and majestic choice. While some orchids can be quite challenging to grow, others are accessible to even an inexperienced gardener. Give orchids as a symbol of love and beauty. Delicate white orchids may represent purity. If you favor an older, ancient Greek meaning, orchids can be a symbol of lust and fertility.


Potted tulips can bring a bit of spring to anyone's home well before they're ready to blossom in the garden. Like roses, the meaning of flowering tulip plants depends upon their color. Opt for red or yellow tulips to declare romantic love. Send planted pink tulips to show that you care, and opt for a white tulip bulb garden to symbolize forgiveness. Purple tulips are traditionally associated with royalty.

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