Meaning of Lilies

Bright, colorful lilies are a long-lasting choice for cheerful bouquets.

Bright, colorful lilies are a long-lasting choice for cheerful bouquets.

There are many different varieties of lilies, from bright and colorful blossoms to elegant pure white blooms. In the case of the lily, the meaning most often depends upon the color. Choose a bouquet that fits the occasion, whether you're sending lilies to express sympathy or celebrate the birth of a new baby, a first Communion or a job promotion.

Faith and Purity

White lilies are a traditional symbol of purity, often associated with the Virgin Mary. Lilies frequently appear in Christian artwork, including images of the Annunciation scene when Mary is told of Christ's impending birth. The white Easter lily decorates churches during the weeks surrounding Easter, serving as a symbol of faith and hope. You might consider a bouquet of white lilies to commemorate a young girl's first Communion, confirmation or baptism.


White lilies are a traditional funeral flower. The popularity of white lilies at funerals is related to their use as a religious symbol. In the context of a funeral arrangement or sympathy bouquet, the white lily symbolizes the peace and eternal life of the deceased. Choose a simple arrangement of white lilies alone or opt for white lilies along with other white blossoms when you're sending flowers to a funeral.


In Greek mythology, the lily springs from mother's milk, making it a symbol of motherhood. While white lilies have a funereal context in the modern world, you could opt for a bouquet of bright, cheerful lilies to celebrate a pregnancy or birth. Cut lilies will brighten the home of a new mother or mother-to-be for several weeks, allowing your celebration of motherhood to last.


Colorful lilies, like Peruvian lilies, are an ideal choice when you want to give a cheerful, friendly bouquet. Unlike some flowers, lilies don't communicate a message of romance, making them a good choice for a bouquet in the workplace or between casual friends. In small bunches, bright lilies are a pretty choice, while a large bouquet can make a more significant impression.

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