Meaning of Mixed Bouquets

Shades of pink and white add a pop of springtime color.

Shades of pink and white add a pop of springtime color.

Mixed bouquets are a cheerful and affordable alternative to a single-flower bouquet. Mixed flower bouquets are available in a range of colors, sizes and styles, from a casual country arrangement to an elegant and more formal floral bouquet. While each flower has its own meaning in the language of flowers, you can integrate the symbolic meaning of flowers into any floral gift, including a mixed bouquet.


Whether you're arranging your own bouquet or purchasing one, you can choose a bouquet that contains flowers with a meaning that matters to you or the recipient. Daisies symbolize innocence, while daffodils represent sunshine and regard. Give poppies for imagination or violets for fidelity and modesty. While these flowers have a single meaning regardless of color, many other flowers, like roses and chrysanthemums have a distinct meaning based on their color.


While mixed bouquets include a variety of different flowers, many may be color coordinated. Choose a bouquet that is predominantly red for romance or one that is vividly orange for good cheer and sunshine. Yellow can represent the intellect or wisdom and may help with memory. Select a pink bouquet for romance that hasn't yet bloomed into passion, and opt for white to symbolize purity. Combine colors in your bouquet to achieve an overall impression, whether you're sending a message of good cheer and wisdom or one of pure love.

Modern Meanings

While a bouquet of roses may carry a message you don't intend, a mixed bouquet is the ideal choice for a friendly or platonic gift. Give mixed bouquets to coworkers or friends when you want to wish them a happy birthday, send congratulations for a promotion, or thank them for their assistance. Mixed bouquets are also ideal if you're bringing flowers along to a dinner party. Choose a brightly colored bouquet in a rainbow of shades, or opt for a yellow, pink or orange bouquet.

Seasonal Options

Choose a seasonal bouquet if you're giving flowers for a holiday gift or bringing them to a party or event. A mixed bouquet in shades of bronze and gold is ideal for fall, while red and white mixed bouquets are a fresh alternative to poinsettias at Christmas time. Pastel shades of peach, pink or yellow can brighten an early spring day, while brighter and bolder bouquets suit the summer season.

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