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Pink roses are a favorite in the garden or as a cut flower.

Pink roses are a favorite in the garden or as a cut flower.

Pink roses are a soft and pretty choice for weddings, birthdays or even Valentine's day. While red roses symbolize passion and romance, pink roses send a very different message. Pink roses range from delicate, super-pale shades to deep, bright magenta and are an appropriate gift when you want to send a message of gratitude, affection, friendship or love.


When you want to send a bouquet to say thank you, choose bright pink roses. Bright pink roses convey a message of gratitude and happiness without romantic overtones. Opt for a bouquet of cut pink roses or a small miniature rosebush in bright pink. The ProFlowers Pink Pearl Roses are an ideal gift for a treasured employee or a good friend who is always there for you.


Light to medium pink roses are ideal when you want to express your affection. If you're sending flowers early in a relationship or even after your first date, pink roses are an ideal choice to show fondness and interest without implying commitment or love. A small bouquet of mixed flowers with a few pink roses is an affordable choice, or you can opt for a lavish bouquet of lush pink blossoms.


Cheerful pink roses signify happiness and joy. Send a bouquet of pink roses to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, promotion, pregnancy or the birth of a new baby girl. A few roses with greenery is an affordable choice, or you can splurge on a stunning bouquet like the ProFlowers' Deluxe All the Frills with both pale and bright pink roses.


If you're looking for an alternative to traditional white flowers, pale pink roses are an elegant and subdued option for a sympathy bouquet or funeral arrangement. Choose a classic wreath or a simple bouquet. You might also consider sending pink roses to the grieving family well after the funeral. Choose brighter shades of pink to add cheer to a sad household when you send a thinking-of-you bouquet.

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