Meaning of Rose Colors

Red roses are a classic choice for a romantic bouquet.

Red roses are a classic choice for a romantic bouquet.

Roses come in a wide range of colors including red, pink, orange, yellow, lavender and white. In the language of flowers, each color rose has its own meaning. You can send roses for any occasion, but it's important to choose the right roses to communicate the feeling you want to convey, from passionate romance to friendship and good cheer.

Red Roses

Red roses symbolize passionate love, beauty and strength. While the meaning of red roses may vary depending upon the bouquet and shade of red, the connotation of love and romance is undeniable. Send red roses when a relationship is becoming serious or to commemorate your anniversary or her birthday. Avoid red roses in a new relationship or a casual context, as you may be implying something you don't intend.

Pink Roses

Pink roses are an ideal alternative to red in many situations. Pink roses can imply gratitude, innocent love or joy. Send pink roses as a thank-you bouquet to show your appreciation, give them to a new romantic interest, or have pink roses delivered just to show someone you care. Pink rose hues range from bright to delicate. Choose the softer shades for a more romantic bouquet, opting for bolder ones when you're looking to brighten someone's day.

Yellow Roses

Yellow roses add color to any situation. Choose yellow roses for a get-well or welcome-home bouquet. Yellow roses also symbolize friendship, making them an ideal choice for a friend's birthday. The cheerful color is well-suited to a congratulatory bouquet. If you're sending flowers to an employee or co-worker to celebrate a promotion, consider yellow roses.

White Roses

Send white roses to symbolize purity and innocence. You might consider white roses to mark a child's baptism or first Communion. With heavenly connotations, white roses are also the ideal choice for a funeral wreath or arrangement. White roses can represent happy love as well, particularly in a bridal context. Pair white roses with brighter blooms for a romantic bouquet for Valentine's day or your anniversary.

Peach, Orange and Coral Roses

These warmer tones, from pale peach to bright orange, bear their own meanings. Orange roses signify enthusiasm or desire, while coral shades suggest physical desire. Shades of peach indicate modesty or sincerity. Palest peach roses are an option for a subtle sympathy bouquet.

Lavender Roses

Delicate lavender, lilac and purple roses express enchantment or love at first sight. While these may not be appropriate in every situation, send lavender roses to remind her you're still just as in love as you were at the beginning or to express your enthusiasm at the beginning of a new relationship.

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