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Give a friend with a green thumb a potted plant.

Give a friend with a green thumb a potted plant.

Giving seasonal plant gifts is a cheerful way to mark the change in seasons and the approach of special holidays. The fragrance of fresh flowers, herbs and plants can trigger pleasant memories of seasons past, which makes these gift ideas a welcome offering. Understanding the symbolism behind the seasons and the plants that flourish during each one will help you choose the right plant for your loved one or friend.

Spring Bouquets

The spring season signals the renewal of the earth and return to green landscapes. Spring bulb plants, like tulips and lilies, are available in an array of bright colors. While the meaning of each of the flowers differ, all subtly suggest new life, blooming love and feelings of friendship. Gerbera daisies, purple irises and potted miniature roses are additional plants that symbolize the beauty of spring in their own colorful way.

Summery Splashes

Summer finds nature in full bloom and is a time when significant patriotic holidays, like Memorial Day and Independence Day, occur. People often choose red, white and blue flowers to express feelings of patriotism and historic appreciation. Summer flowers like hydrangeas make lovely arrangements for picnic tables and decorating dinner tables and buffets. Roses, azaleas and magnolias represent warmth, beauty and feelings of love. Warm-weather flowers like chrysanthemums, carnations, freesia and gladiolas represent this season perfectly.

Autumn Beauty

Autumn is the season of harvest and celebrating nature's bounty. During this time of year, nature puts on a beautiful display of red, yellow, orange and gold. Popular seasonal plants include sunflowers, black-eyed Susans, mums, eucalyptus and fragrant herbs. Florists often integrate seasonal fruits and vegetables, like golden apples and orange pumpkins, into seasonal gifts. Demonstrate an attitude of thankfulness, just in time for Thanksgiving, by giving autumnal season gifts to friends and loved ones. Live plants will last longer than cut flowers, and many grow well indoors.

Warming Winter

The winter season represents both the ending and the beginning of a year and is often associated with the celebration of family. Seasonal plants like poinsettias are synonymous with peace, joy and comfort. At ProFlowers, you'll find interesting plants perfect for holiday gift-giving, like the Candy Cane Amaryllis Bulb Garden and the Potted Red Christmas Cactus.

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