Meaning of White Roses

Roses in their many sizes and colors typically signify love. Red roses are a sign of passion and romantic love, while pink roses symbolize innocent love and happiness. White roses above all else, symbolize purity. You are not strictly bound by the symbolic meaning of roses when contemplating them as a gift. You should, however, be careful when making your choice because the recipient may place significant emphasis on tradition and take your gesture the wrong way if you don’t adhere to the underlying meaning behind your gift.


The symbolism of roses has existed since the earliest recorded Greek and Roman periods of history. The Greek goddesses Aphrodite, Venus and Isis all were associated with roses in some form. Marc Anthony was said to shower Cleopatra with rooms full of red roses. Early Christians used roses to represent the Virgin Mary. Shakespeare mentions roses in a number of sonnets and plays. Roses, with all their attending significance, continue to play a role in modern culture and are mentioned in more than 4,000 songs, according to Living Arts Originals.


The symbolic pureness of white roses makes them an ideal choice for siblings, parents and other family members. A small bouquet of white roses may be carried by a young girl making her First Communion in the Catholic Church. Instead of sticking with the traditional white carnations for Mother’s Day, many children instead send Mom a dozen white roses. In keeping with the purity of the white wedding dress that symbolizes purity and virginity, white roses are popular choices for wedding décor.


With purity comes the lasting peace symbolized by white. White roses are appropriate for a new mother as a congratulatory gift. They often play a role in lightening the mood at funerals, where the somber mood and black dress of the mourners is balanced by the purity of white sympathy lilies flanked by bouquets of white roses. In addition to sending white roses to a funeral home, you can send the peaceful reminders to the home of a grieving family.


A single white rose is an ideal choice for saying, “I’m sorry.” Its singular purity blends well with the sincerity of an honest apology. When combined with other colors of roses, you can intensify the harmony even more. White and red roses combined in a bouquet such as the Candy Cane Roses from ProFlowers evoke a harmonious holiday spirit. The purity of the white roses combined with passionate sentiments conveyed by the red roses offer a token of true love. White and red roses often are combined for wedding bouquets as well, signifying the unity of the bond.

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