Meaning of Yellow Roses

Give yellow roses to spread happiness or commemorate friendship.

Give yellow roses to spread happiness or commemorate friendship.

Yellow roses range from palest lemon to deep golden tones and can be miniature roses or large, full blossoms. Yellow roses can be arranged alone or paired with other flowers to brighten up any bouquet. When choosing roses, picking the right color matters. While some roses signify love and romance, yellow roses are an ideal alternative for friends and family.


Yellow is perhaps the most cheerful rose color. This bright tone adds a touch of sunshine to any hospital room or table. Consider sending yellow roses to a friend in the hospital or to welcome her home. Yellow roses are also an ideal choice when you want to send a bouquet to someone facing a challenging situation. The cheerful color is sure to brighten her day.


Yellow roses symbolize true friendship. A bouquet of yellow roses is ideal for a best friend's birthday or to mark a special occasion in your life together. While yellow roses aren't traditionally used to signify romance, sending a bouquet of yellow roses to your special someone can serve as a reminder of the friendship that is essential to your relationship.


Consider yellow roses to welcome a friend back from a long journey or to welcome a new life into this world. Send yellow roses to celebrate a pregnancy or the arrival of a new baby. Yellow roses are ideal if you're welcoming someone back into your life after a time of distance or separation.

Joy or Celebration

Celebrate any happy occasion with yellow roses without concern about sending a romantic message you don't intend. Give yellow roses to celebrate a promotion at work, graduation or any significant accomplishment. Yellow roses are an office-appropriate choice to mark the end of a project or the start of a new and exciting collaboration.

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