Flowers Used in Perfume


Floral scents can be light and fresh, rich and heady or quite sweet, depending on the flowers used for your perfume. Many different fragrant flowers are used on their own or in combination with other scents to produce commercial perfumes and perfume oils. Many of these flowers also add their fragrance to the garden or the table, allowing you to enjoy your favorite scents in their freshest form.


Humans have used perfumes on their bodies and in ritual contexts for as many as 6,000 years. While the earliest uses of fragrance probably involved burning herbs, resins and flowers for scent, over time, perfumes were created to scent the body. These early perfumes were typically solid and quite oily. Flowers used in ancient perfumes include iris, jasmine, honeysuckle and rose. Modern perfumes and perfumed products still rely on these floral fragrances, and many people enjoy these fragrances in their gardens and homes.

Light Florals

Some flowers produce a light, fresh scent. Lemon, orange or lime blossoms, cherry blossoms, lavender and freesia produce delicate scents. In perfumes, these fragrances are often paired with fruity notes to create modern scents suitable for everyday wear. While these light florals are used for perfume, you may also find them in lotions, body sprays and colognes.

Heavy Florals

Heavier floral scents are classic and rather old-fashioned. Rose, peony, jasmine, lilac and magnolia are examples of these retro fragrances. These can be a bit much for everyday wear, but are a lovely choice for a special night, as long as you use a light hand. Perfumed candles in these scents are a romantic option for your bedroom or bathroom.

Oriental Scents

While many floral perfumes are associated with gardens or wildflowers, others are decidedly more exotic. While oriental fragrance notes rely on resins, musks and spices, they may include hints of rose, patchouli flower, jasmine and lily. You cannot replicate the scent of oriental fragrances with bouquets of flowers, but can find home or personal fragrances that incorporate these flowers and other scent elements.


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