Decorating With Wreaths

Use flowers from your garden to create wreaths.

Use flowers from your garden to create wreaths.

While wreaths are a common Christmas decoration, you can use a number of variations to decorate your home year-round. Wreaths made of cloth, fresh flowers, greenery, beads, ribbon or dried herbs make lovely adornments for empty wall spaces, on doors or in entryways.


Change your wreaths with the seasons. Use wreaths with fresh flowers from your spring gardens. Entwine tulips, daisies and gardenias through a solid, painted base, such as a Styrofoam circle or a piece of wood. Wrap the wreath with vines from your yard and insert summer blossoms such as roses. In the fall use leaves as they change colors to add variety to the wreaths. In winter, you can take out the leaves and add holly for a festive-looking decoration.


Preserve your homemade wreaths by allowing flowers to dry or order a wreath from ProFlowers that’s already treated. The Fields of Tuscany Wreath, for example, brightens any doorway with safflower, blue larkspur, sage, lavender and yarrow -- brilliant colors that look appropriate any time of year. The Herbal Sentiments Wreath comes prepared with white oregano and bay leaves to provide a fresh scent to any entryway. When the small red roses and lavender on the wreath dry, the wreath can be preserved for years as long as you handle it with care.


Celebrate special occasions with wreaths designed to honor the event. The sympathy wreath stands out among the potted lilies and bouquets of cut flowers at funerals and provides a warm remembrance when loved ones take home the wreath after the ceremony. Give wreaths to new parents to announce the birth of a baby girl or boy. ProFlowers has both, each appropriately adorned with pink or blue ribbons. Send your mother a wreath made of herbs or carnations on her special Mother’s Day holiday, or provide your loved ones with a traditional wreath made of fresh pine every Christmas to give a gift that stands out from the rest.


Doors make ideal locations on which to hang wreaths because the square edges provide a frame of sorts for the round décor, according to designers at Ever Lasting Life Décor. Keep the idea of framing the wreath when considering its placement inside your home. Use a wreath to offset the sharp lines of a corner column or find a blank square of wall that could use an accent. Vary the lines in a room for a smooth, polished look by adding a wreath high on the wall adjoining upper cabinets. A wreath makes an ideal stand-alone wall decoration that doesn’t need any other accents or special lighting.

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