Holiday Wreath Selection, Drying and Storage

Decorate fresh greenery with pinecones and silk flowers.

Decorate fresh greenery with pinecones and silk flowers.

Holiday wreaths add color and cheer to your front door, your windows or any spot in your home. You can opt for a fresh seasonal wreath, a dried wreath to use from year to year, or an artificial wreath. Some wreaths skip the greenery altogether in favor of whimsical ornaments, buttons, candy or other embellishments. If you do opt for a wreath that can be used for years to come, storing it properly will preserve its beauty.

Fresh Wreaths

Fresh wreaths are often made from evergreen boughs, including pine, fir and false cypress. You can also add broadleaf evergreens, like holly and boxwood, to your wreath. Form your wreath by wiring greenery to a purchased metal wreath frame or grapevine wreath form. Add pinecones, ribbon or other accents to your natural, fresh wreath. Replace or remove the greenery as it dries. Discard the fresh wreath at the end of the holiday season.

Dried Wreaths

If you'd like to keep your hard work from year to year, skip the fresh wreath in favor of one made with dried or preserved flowers and greenery. While you can't dry a constructed wreath, you can dry fresh plant material (or purchase dried material) for use in constructing a wreath that will last from year to year. A dried floral wreath will be quite delicate and may require extra care to store it without damage. Preserved floral materials, like preserved magnolia leaves, may be sturdier. If you're purchasing a wreath and would like it to last, choose one labeled preserved, like many of the options available at ProFlowers.

Artificial Wreaths

Artificial greenery is the most durable choice for a holiday wreath. Choose any type of artificial greenery you prefer, from holly or boxwood to pine and fir. You can purchase a wreath or make your own. Add ribbons, ornaments or other embellishments. You can also use a wreath form to create a wreath of ornaments, artificial fruit, jingle bells or tinsel.

Storing Wreaths

The best way to store wreaths or wreath forms is in a specially designed plastic wreath storage box. These shaped boxes will preserve the round shape of your wreath and prevent damage. Remove the greenery from a fresh wreath, and store the form for use the next year. Make certain that dried or preserved wreaths are free from moisture. Artificial wreaths can simply be packed away along with your other holiday decorations.

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