Wreaths for Fall

Fall wreaths can be intricate or simple.

Fall wreaths can be intricate or simple.

Fall is a festive time for both kids and adults. Seasonal festivals, Halloween and, of course, Thanksgiving are all occasions we love to celebrate during fall. Creating a memorable wreath from fall-inspired materials is a great way to celebrate the season and give your home a warm touch as the temperatures outside cool down.

Pine Needle Wreaths

The simplest fall-inspired wreath you can make is a pine-needle wreath. This natural wreath includes threaded pine needles that are woven together at their base to form a wreath shape over a circular base. Colorful leaves or other lightweight decorations can be added, if desired.

Fruit Wreaths

If you want a more decorative, synthetic wreath, you can make a fruit wreath, which symbolizes the bounty of harvest time. Start with a simple wire or craft foam base, and tie decorative plastic fruit-shaped ornaments to the outside of the frame. Use synthetic leaves in various colors to fill in the areas between the fruits and give your wreath a full look.

Stuffed Wreath

For a unique fall wreath, look for pre-made wire bases, and stuff them with large nuts (like walnuts and Brazil nuts), securing the nuts with extra wire. Thread some small greenery through the top to add a bit of color, followed by a nice shiny bow. This wreath is far from traditional, but is definitely eye-catching.

Pinecone Wreath

To make a pinecone wreath (which is perfect for the weeks leading up to December), simply weave or tie together green nettles or another type of long greenery. Stuff these bundles into a wire wreath frame, and tie pinecones sporadically to the frame. Top it all off with a big bow. This wreath is simple to make but is a great way to celebrate the end of fall and the beginning of the winter holiday season.

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