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Irises have been a beloved for so long, that even Vincent van Gogh prominently featured this colorful flower in one of his pieces. Send nature’s work of art to commemorate any occasion or just to brighten someone’s day. This vibrant gift will last for 7 days, guaranteed.

Beautiful flowers are at your fingertips with OrderFlowers wide selection of iris flower bouquets. Looking to send a gift to someone at the office? Try our blue iris flowers. Want to spice up your kitchen table with a beautiful centerpiece? Check out our assorted iris bouquets. With vibrant flowers ready to bloom upon arrival, these flowers are a fresh idea for great gift giving.
In general, Irises convey admiration and friendship. But the color of an iris can also define the flowers meaning even deeper. Blue (or purple) iris flowers – which are the most popular color of this flower – mean royalty in many parts of the world. Yellow irises represent passion, and white irises express purity. In addition, irises are the flower that symbolizes February birthdays, so send this official birth flower to celebrate the big day. Irises have also come to symbolize the commemoration of a 25th wedding anniversary. To get a full explanation of its meaning, visit our iris flower guide.

If you don’t want to send iris flowers alone, try sending them in one of our mixed bouquets. We’ve paired our irises with other flowers to give you the best choice around. Love tulips? See how they match our blue iris flowers in our bouquet of A Dozen Hugs, A Dozen Kisses. Prefer lilies? A beautiful partner with this iris, our lily and iris mixed bouquets are bountiful with color and fragrance. So whether you’re looking for them singly or mixed with other flowers, you can send iris flower arrangements online easily.

Our iris flowers for sale are the freshest irises you will find anywhere. How do we know this? Because we pick our flowers from the fields and shipped directly to you. So you can send irises with confidence knowing they are going to last. So buy iris flowers for your mom, dad, best friend, or even yourself – you know you deserve them! You’ll be truly happy with the results. If you need help to order irises for delivery, don’t hesitate to contact us. OrderFlowers is available to assist you 24/7.


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