Mother's Day Ideas

Show mom your appreciation with flowers.

Show mom your appreciation with flowers.

The second Sunday of May is the day to shower your mother with appreciation in the form of gifts, cards and time off. While Mother’s Day has become a sensational retail phenomenon, it’s a good reminder to give Mom the recognition she often misses. Depending on your budget, celebrate the day with a lavish weekend pampering session, a homemade meal or a simple original poem.


You have no excuse to miss the important holiday when you’ve got online sources such as premium gift and flower sites like ProFlowers. No matter how far away you are from your mom, you can ensure her special delivery arrives on time for Mother’s Day. Go for the cut flowers if your mom is traditional. Or, change things up a bit and send her a flowering potted plant such as the Azalea Bonsai from ProFlowers. It’s a gift she can appreciate for years, and she'll be reminded of your love every time she trims or waters it.


Every once in a while, you should get mom a sentimental gift to assure her that you really do appreciate her and aren’t just sending a Mother’s Day gift out of obligation. The Family Necklace available at ProFlowers is a treasure that might even bring tears to your mom’s eyes. The pendant is made of polished or matte sterling silver and features one, two or three children encircled by the arms of a woman and man. The modern lines of the piece form a circle around the children that resembles a heart. The pendant comes with a 20-inch chain so she can begin wearing it right away.


Mother’s Day is an ideal time to help your mom update her electronics. Any one of the new tablets on the market gives your mom easy access to her favorite online resources, books, magazines, music and movies. She'll be able to keep up with her email on the go and maybe even talk to her kids live with Skype. Really impress her and set the new electronic tablet up for her with apps and downloads she’ll appreciate. Get subscriptions to her favorite magazines and download a movie. Spend some quality time giving her a quick tutorial, and show her how to change the credit card information, if needed, so she can begin doing her own shopping from the comfort of her lawn chair or kitchen table.


The restaurants will be packed, so find a place that takes reservations if you want to take Mom out to eat -- you wouldn't want her to have to wait on her special day. According to the National Retail Federation, more than half of Mother’s Day gift-givers take Mom out for brunch or dinner that Sunday. Go to your mom’s favorite restaurant, or splurge and make reservations at the swankiest place in town. Order a bouquet of flowers from ProFlowers, and make arrangements for them to grace the table when she shows up.

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