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Capture the rare beauty of the orchid, a flower considered to be one of the most exotic in the world. Our Phalaenopsis and Dendrobium orchids are stunning, affordable and easy to care for, making them a perfect choice of gift for that very special somebody. Order orchids today and make an extraordinary impression!

Considered as one of the most exotic flowers available today, the stunning orchid is often reputed to be difficult to grow and care for. With the number of orchid varieties thought to be in the tens of thousands, it comes as little surprise that a few of these varieties are actually very easy to maintain and keep beautiful. Phalaenopsis and Dendrobium orchids are two such plants, and we are happy to offer you both, in an array of styles and colors.

In soft pink, bright white, creamy peach, and vibrant magenta and lilac, our range of colorful orchids has been selected to wow your family and friends. Some come freshly cut and arranged, and others are potted to make that lasting impression. Our potted varieties are low-maintenance and hardy and can survive in many different climates. Shop for orchids with peace of mind that your gift will last.

Orchids make a classic statement and are the elegant and sophisticated choice when regular blooms won’t do. Some of the glorious orchids available include our double-stemmed Kaleidoscope Orchid, which features petals in rich hues of peach, pink and red; our classic single-stemmed white Orchid, which embodies pure elegance; and everyone loves our elegant “Pink Ribbon Orchid”, 10% of the proceeds from which go to Komen for the Cure.

All of our potted orchids come with easy to follow care instructions and the low maintenance nature of the varieties that we offer means that when you shop for orchids with OrderFlowers.com, you are buying a flower that will last. Most varieties that we deliver will burst with beautiful blooms, anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks!

Ordering from OrderFlowers.com makes buying orchids a breeze. If you have a special occasion that you have forgotten to buy for, or your busy schedule hasn’t allowed you time to go shopping, shop for orchids online, and have them delivered the very next day! Our simple to follow ordering and payment process gives you the flexibility to choose the perfect gift at the last minute, and still make an extraordinary impression!

Our fresh cut and arranged Dendrobium Orchids are simply bursting with life! These bouquets of joy are long lasting and brighten up the biggest living room or the dullest office. When sending gifts to colleagues or friend’s workplaces, be sure to say it with style and pizzazz - an office delivery should create a stir! Designed for maximum impact, our show-stopping bouquet of Deluxe Purple Dendrobium Orchids have 30 multiple blossom stems of purple Dendrobium orchids are sure to stop colleagues on their way to the water cooler. Brighten up her cubicle! Our Teacup Orchid comes in an adorable pink polka dot teacup that makes a great conversation piece sitting pretty on her desk.

When you shop for orchids with OrderFlowers.com, you can shop with confidence. Our orchids are selected and delivered to meet our high quality standards and arrive in perfect condition, guaranteed to delight your loved one!


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