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Fall is mum season.

Fall is mum season.

Seasonal plants make wonderful gifts even for those lacking a green thumb. Many have few care requirements and add color, texture and sometimes fragrance to the interior of the home. While the floral industry is able to provide flowers and plants year-round, even when they are technically out of season, to provide the plant with proper care, it’s important to know which season provides your plant’s optimal growing period.


Garden-grown amaryllis blooms in the spring, but it doesn’t have to. The beauty of the plant’s bulb is that it will bloom eight weeks after planting. If you’d like the plant to bloom in time for a special occasion, store the bulb in the refrigerator and pop it in the soil eight weeks before the occasion. Calla lilies are another spring bloomer, and the plant's sunny yellow flowers look striking against its variegated foliage.


Potted roses bloom in cycles, typically about every six to eight weeks beginning in spring. They are in full bloom in summer, providing color and fragrance to the patio, deck or wherever you choose to place them. Summer is also hydrangea season -- a time to enjoy the big, blue, pink or white pompom like flowers. The potted blue varieties make an elegant gift for a special man in your life.


Any list of fall seasonal plants is incomplete without mentioning mums. Mums bloom in all the colors of the season, from rich browns to vibrant yellow. Whether you grow them in a container or use cut varieties, mums and fall just seem to go together. Kalanchoe is another of those plants with a growth cycle that spans two seasons. It comes into bloom in summer and lasts through fall. The orange varieties look stunning on the fall holiday table, and the clusters of small flowers last a long time.


The beauty of the floral industry is that flowers and plants are season-less. While many plants and flowers are available in the winter, one truly magnificent plant calls this season its own: the camellia. One of the best ways to enjoy the camellia is to grow it indoors. It makes a striking bonsai planting, filling the house with color during the drabbest months of the year. When the weather warms, place it outside to get some morning sun, and the camellia will thrive for many years.

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