Sending Flowers to Men

Women, as much as we hate to admit it, may not be giving men enough credit. After all, a 2011 Kinsey Institute study found a larger number of married men than women enjoy cuddling. Cuddling!

What are they going to say next? That men like receiving flowers?

Guess what. They do.

A recent poll on dating site Plenty of Fish (30 million registered users) forum gathered answers to the question, “how would you feel if a woman bought you flowers?” Men reporting they would love getting flowers from a woman outnumbered those reporting they’d rather have power tools (or some such) by a three to one margin.

Take that, women who would stereotype their significant others as cavemen. Men have tender sides, too.

Nonetheless, ordering flowers online for a man can take a bit of courage. Follow these guidelines to make sure you deliver a warm and caring message when you send flowers.

Sending flowers to men at their place of work is OK. Men in the Plenty of Fish poll reported that they would like to receive flowers or a flowering plant at work. (Keep in mind that respondents are men looking for relationships.) Those who had actually received flowers at work expressed satisfaction when recounting how other men in the office had responded with jealousy. Those who hadn’t received flowers mentioned that they would relish the envious comments from others if they did. Often competitive, men appreciate an opportunity to display that a woman values them.

Men Have Different Ideas of What’s Attractive. Where women typically respond to beautiful pastels and curvy or round shapes, advertising researchers advise companies to stay away from both when trying to appeal strictly to men. To catch a man’s eye, art departments stick with bold colors like deep reds, navy, hunter green, even black. They use these colors in formats filled with straight lines and distinct geometric shapes like squares and rectangles.

Men Are Goal Oriented. Where women respond well to praise and verbal appreciation, for men, when a goal is reached, something concrete commemorating their accomplishment makes more sense. Hence the name plate on the door, the corner office, the corvette, etc. By all means, a gift of flowers after a promotion, presentation or even an athletic accomplishment resonates more deeply than a “well done” expressed in conversation. The effort in selecting and sending the flowers cements in a man’s mind the impact his achievement has had on you.

Men Need Love Too. All humans are social creatures, and men need to feel connected with important loved ones to remain healthy as much as women do. Unfortunately, men are less likely to express their needs. Tough as they may want to appear, men need reminders of your regard and love for them. When you order flowers online for the men in your life, you place a comforting signal of connection in their environment that lasts for a week or more.

Which Flowers to Buy for a Man Women may hesitate to buy flowers for a man because we envision the voluptuous pink and white bouquets we send to our mothers on Mother’s Day. While there are no distinct flowers for men as yet, some bouquets suit their style more than others. When choosing a floral gift, keep the following guidelines in mind.

Color: Men appreciate bold colors like deep reds, bright yellows, purples and oranges. Men also prefer a monochromatic look rather than the jumble of colors typical in a birthday bouquet. For instance, a dozen purple tulips contrast with their accompanying greenery beautifully. This bouquet also highlights a sleek line rather than a frilly jumble that appeals more to women.

Style: In the last few years, a few floral designers have been creating looks that are more orderly and linear. Termed “modern”, these bouquets often showcase flowers with stems cut short and blooms showing little stem above a square or rectangular vase’s edge. Most of all, men find the more conservative patterns and textures intriguing. Structure: Consider flowers and plants with a strong structural component. The complex and unique foliage of tropical plants have a sharp and intense aspect. Tropical guzmania with its dark, layered fronds and deep orange flower cut a defined figure. The bird of paradise has similar, acute elements that can be interpreted as more intense and masculine. Size: A small or short bouquet may appeal more than a large ostentatious one to the man who only needs a token of respect or appreciation. Some online florists have products they call “shorties.” Usually featuring a few stems of just one flower variety, these “shorties” meet a man’s requirements for simplicity in design.

Men Need Flowers, Too! Whether it’s Father’s Day, an anniversary, a job promotion or other accomplishment, flowers connect you with the important men in your life in a concrete and caring way. Too often, unsure of how to commemorate an occasion, we let cards send our messages. Flowers constitute that extra effort indicating your respect for the individual and depth of your love. The men in our lives deserve all of this and more.


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