Apple Blossom

The apple blossom is also the state flower for Michigan.

The apple blossom is also the state flower for Michigan.

Before a major metropolis claimed the "Big Apple" title, Arkansas was known as the "Land of the Big Red Apple." At one time, Arkansas produced more red apples than any other state in the union, a profitable legacy that may have begun with Johnny Appleseed. Today, despite the reduction in commercial growth, apples are still honored by the grateful state, with the pleasant-smelling apple blossom serving as the state's official flower.

Arkansas Flower History

The Arkansas legislature passed an amendment to the state code on July 30, 1901, officially recognizing the apple blossom as the state's flower. Two prominent Arkansas flower clubs, the Floral Emblem Society and the Arkansas Federation of Women's Clubs, took opposing stances. The Floral Emblem Society preferred the passion flower, but their efforts to win the flower battle paled in comparison to those of Mrs. Ed Barton. On behalf of the Federation, Mrs. Barton sent letters to each representative, then appeared on the day of the vote to present each with a shiny, red apple. The apple blossom, and a red-dressed Mrs. Barton, won the day.

Apple Blossom Description

Apple blossoms grow in clusters on mature apple trees. Each blossom measures 1 to 2 inches across, has five petals, and may be pink or white in color. The scent of these flowers is similar to honeysuckle, making them a favorite spot of bees and butterflies. The blooms appear in spring, from April to June.

Growing Apple Blossoms

Apple trees shower gardeners with blossoms for months, if they have plenty of incentive. One of those key incentives is sunlight. Pruning is generally performed long before blossoms appear, in winter, after the tree has shed all its leaves. Branches need to be snipped to allow sunlight to filter from the canopy to the lower branches. Fruit production, if that's your goal, depends on annual pruning away of dead limbs. For more blossoms and less fruit, avoid over-pruning. Blossoms don't just appear at the tips of branches but laterally, along the branches, as well.

Delicious Apple Gifts

An apple tree sapling makes a nice gift for someone with a green thumb. Give a person with a brown thumb a silk arrangement of apple blossoms, and mist the leaves lightly with an aromatic apple spray. Juicy apples make the perfect gift for people of all ages. Rely on ProFlowers to send your loved ones the finest hand-dipped caramel and chocolate apples. For health lovers, skip the fancy candy coating and go for a basket of delicious ripe fruit.

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