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The appearance of orange blossoms means fruit will begin growing.

The appearance of orange blossoms means fruit will begin growing.

Florida's moniker may be "The Sunshine State," but its the state's citrus crop that supports Florida's economy. According to data from the State of Florida, this southern state supplies 75% of the United States citrus. It's no wonder that the orange blossom would receive its worthy position as the official state flower. Travel the panhandle state and you'll find citrus growing in commercial orchards and used as a food source for home gardens.

Journey of the Orange

Long before the state's decision to choose the orange blossom as the official flower, this fragrant tree species visited many cities before reaching Florida's sunny shores. Surprisingly, the orange tree is not a native fruit tree to Florida. Ancient Arabian writings first mention the orange and it is well-recorded that Christopher Columbus introduced this golden crop to South America and the Caribbean. In the 1700's, Spanish missionaries brought the orange tree to the tropical state of Florida. It didn't take long for this fragrant blossom to thrive and create an important stream of income for the area.

Florida's Orange Blossom

On November 15, 1909, the Florida State Legislature passed a Concurrent Resolution appointing the orange blossom as the state's flower. Unlike some states, Florida's decision wasn't surrounded by controversy nor did it produce ugly, political campaigns. The unanimous decision has never been challenged or changed since its inauguration. An important line in the resolution names Florida, "as the state of many flowers," but the orange blossom was the state's official floral representative.

Flower Description

The orange blossom is a small white flower that grows in bunches. Each flower has five petals and begins as a cup-style bloom. As the flower unfolds, the petals fold out with a slight, downward curve, revealing a cluster of stamens in the center. Very fragrant and luxurious to smell, the orange blossom draws attention from helpful insects like bees and butterflies. The blossoms are ivory white with a waxy, thick texture. Displayed against the evergreen leaves of the orange tree, the blossoms are easy to spot.

Orange Gifts

People who like natural fragrances will enjoy receiving an arrangement that includes the orange blossom. Gather several clippings of these small white flowers to create a visually crisp, scented bouquet. Citrus fruits always make good gifts too. ProFlowers offers delightful orange baskets that deliver citrus at the peak of perfection. If juicy navel oranges aren't enough, select a basket of goodies complete with fruit, nuts and a bottle of bubbling champagne.

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