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Big, bright and lively, no flower can lift the spirits quite like sunflowers can. Adorn your harvest table with the warm hues of autumn, in a stunning centerpiece or table runner of golden sunflowers. Let the sunlight in - send sunflowers to family and friends and brighten someone’s day!

Golden sunflowers enliven even the dullest room, and our splendid bouquets, centerpieces and table runners featuring big, bright sunflowers create gorgeous décor and fabulous gifts for the holidays. Create the atmosphere of autumn in your own home for your family, and for when guests come for dinner, or send sunflowers to colleagues and friends to brighten their spirits as well as their homes and offices.

Artists throughout history have depicted the sunflower's unique splendor in their work, and for good reason. Sun flowers throughout history have been a symbol of plenty, happiness and joy, and some indigenous American populations used the sunflower as a symbol of the Sun God. The sunflower is a generous provider – used as food and medicine, beautiful dyes and bright body paints. The ultimate flower of happiness still enjoys immense popularity today, as it evokes those same feelings of joy and warmth.

Bright, sunny and vibrant, sunflowers are often the main event in Thanksgiving bouquets and centerpieces. Our “Sunflower Harvest” centerpiece features six sunflowers and six solidaster in a charming ceramic pumpkin keepsake vase and serves as the perfect way to lift a dinner table in the holidays. The centerpiece makes a wonderful gift too, and your recipient can reuse the ceramic pumpkin as a vase, or make use of the lid and make it a pumpkin cookie jar.

The radiant nature of sun flowers makes them an ultimate pick-me-up gift. Bright, cheery and carefree, no other flower can lift the spirits quite like sunflowers can. At OrderFlowers.com, we make it simple to send sunflowers for any occasion. If you know someone who could use a little sunshine in their day, send sunflowers to their home or workplace! Everyone loves receiving flowers, and the biggest smiles come when the gesture is unexpected. Give smiles out of the blue, and make someone’s day!

Eternally uplifting, sunflowers are an excellent choice when sending “get-well” sentiments. When you send sunflowers, you are really sending a big bunch of sunny optimism – what better gift to give a family member, friend or colleague in their time of ill health? Nobody likes being bed ridden, but a big bunch of sun flowers can certainly help. You can be sure your bunch of sunflowers will be front and center in full view when you go to visit, so send sunflowers and brighten any bedside or hospital room.

If you can’t be there in person, OrderFlowers.com have growers and distribution centers all over the United States, so we can stand by our freshness guarantee whether you are sending “happy birthday” sunflowers to Chicago, “get well” sunflowers to Dallas, or “I miss you” flowers to San Diego.

The sunflower’s brilliant yellow petals, like bright yellow rays of sunshine are as resilient as they are beautiful, making sunflowers the perfect long-lasting gift. Send sunflowers and rest assured that your gift of happiness and sunshine will arrive fresh and stay fresh for maximum enjoyment. We work closely with our growers so that when you send sunflowers, they are cut and transported according to strict quality standards so that they meet the requirements of our freshness guarantee.


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