Get-Well Flowers for Kids

Use flowers and balloons to cheer up sick kids.

Use flowers and balloons to cheer up sick kids.

Children suffering from an illness need encouragement just as much as adults, if not more. Send a child get-well flowers and gifts to lift her spirits, show her that you care and support her recovery. Even little ones feel better in a sick room when it’s filled with bright colors and soothing scents.


While your intentions are to perk up sick kids with flowers, it’s usually the parents and caregivers that must deal with the gifts. Send flowers in vases that are ready to be filled with water so caregivers don’t have to hunt for appropriate vessels. Flowering plants may not be the best choice for a child with a chronic illness because the care of the plant is left to the busy, stressed caregiver.

Edible Flowers

Daisies and sunflowers are bright, colorful flowers that can add a cheery atmosphere to a child’s sick room. But kids will really perk up when the flowers are more than just nice to look at. A bouquet of cookies, such as the Shari’s Berries Bee Well Soon Cookie Bouquet available from ProFlowers, provides kids with the kind of flowers they are sure to enjoy. In addition to colorful cookies shaped like bumble bees, the bouquet has three cookies in the shape of daisies.


One purpose of sending kids flowers when they’re sick is to distract them from their illness. Bouquets that include stuffed animals, balloons and other toys can do the trick. Books, games and videos are useful gifts that can be included with a flower delivery to keep kids busy and distracted while they heal. Kids at home may enjoy a visit if you live nearby, during which you can hand-deliver the flowers and gifts and give caregivers a break while you’re there.


Check with the hospital or the child’s parents to find out if he has any allergies or other complications that might preclude certain items. If you’re sending candy with the flowers, for example, find out if the child can eat the treats before you tempt him. Children may have latex allergies and can’t touch balloons. Additionally, many hospitals do not allow fresh flowers in certain areas of the building for health reasons. A simple call to the ward or the front desk can provide you with the hospital’s regulations about flowers and other gift deliveries.

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