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Stick to warm colors when giving flowers to men.

Stick to warm colors when giving flowers to men.

One of the advantages of living in a progressive, equal-opportunity society is that you now can send flowers to men without any fear of breaking social norms or offending the man. Follow a few simple guidelines when sending a male friend or family member flowers in the hospital or to his home, and the gesture will be appreciated.


Flowers are universally enjoyed for their natural beauty and the sensuous odors they exude. Men enjoy nature just as much as women, but they can usually do without the frills and ribbons that often accompany a bouquet of flowers. Skip the ribbons, lace and fancy wrapping in which many bouquets are arranged. Instead, send or bring a plain vase with the flowers, especially if it’s for a single guy who may not own a flower vase.


Avoid creating complications for your sick friend by choosing flowers that won’t spread excessive pollen in the room. Flowers with tighter blooms, such as carnations, roses and chrysanthemums are less likely to cause sneezing, while flowers with exposed stamens like lilies expel more pollen in the air. Look for a florist that sells organically grown flowers, especially if the man has allergies or immune problems. Flowers grown without pesticides are more easily tolerated by sensitive individuals and are less likely to lead to side effects.


Another aspect to think about when purchasing flowers for men is the type of flower he might appreciate. Certain species, such as baby’s breath, lilacs and gardenias, tend to have a more feminine flair. Roses, sunflowers, mums and ruscus, on the other hand, are more masculine in nature. Consider a potted plant that contains ferns, gold pathos plants or philodendrons. The bonsai is a plant that men have nurtured for years in spiritual gardens. Many men also appreciate orchids, a flowering plant widely available online at premium sites such as ProFlowers.


While it may be acceptable to send men flowers, many guys are still not comfortable with the gesture and need to move into the 21st century slowly. You can help with the transition by keeping your flower choices subdued and masculine. Stick with warm colors such as orange or rust. If you want your bouquet to brighten up a sick room, look for flowers in blues and yellows, and avoid pink, red and lavender blooms.

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