Get-Well Flowers for Women

Small arrangements are practical choices for hospital patients.

Small arrangements are practical choices for hospital patients.

Most women like receiving flowers anytime, but sending a woman flowers when she is sick can really help lift her spirits. Flowers will brighten her surroundings and her day. Colorful, mixed bouquets are especially cheerful. Flowers let her know you are thinking of her and contribute to a healthy mental outlook. An optimistic attitude can lead to a speedier recovery.

Hospital Patients

Before sending flowers to a woman in the hospital, check the hospital’s policy about flower deliveries. Even if you are permitted to send flowers, opt against sending a large arrangement since most hospital rooms are small and the staff needs to be able to move around. Tall, slim arrangements look impressive but don’t take up a lot of space. Smaller arrangements are also easier to carry when it’s time to leave the hospital. Although women are generally pleased to receive fresh flowers, choose flowers that are already in a vase or other container with water. A potted plant is an impractical choice for a hospital room. The soil may contain bacteria and other germs that can be harmful to a person who is ill.


While Oriental lilies are lovely flowers, they are not always a good choice to send to someone who has been ill or who is in the hospital. Flowers that release pollen into the air can trigger pollen-related allergies or symptoms of other respiratory illness. Roses, orchids, gerbera daisies, carnations and tulips produce little or no pollen; this makes them good candidates for get-well flowers. Although it’s nice to enjoy beautifully scented flowers, those with heavy fragrances may be too overpowering for someone who is sick. As lovely as they are, hyacinths and oriental lilies are not good choices either. If you are selecting flowers for someone who is allergic to floral fragrances, choose the Peruvian lily, which has no fragrance.

Vase Flowers

If you want to send a vase of flowers to someone in the hospital or recuperating at home, choose flowers with stems that aren’t soft and won’t get soggy in water. Roses, chrysanthemums, snowball viburnums, wisteria and lilac have woody stems and make beautiful floral arrangements that will thrive even if the water can't be changed often. Another option is to select flowers set in floral foam, which can retain water for several days.

Uplifting Effect

Whether you are sending flowers to a female relative or friend, flowers can have a positive effect on someone who is ill. Findings of a behavioral research study published in the April 2005 issue of “Evolutionary Psychology” show that flowers trigger happy emotions. Flowers increase a person’s feelings of satisfaction and make her feel happier and more positive even when she is sick. Good emotional health can help a person recover her physical health more quickly.

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