Sympathy Flowers Message Tips

When seeking to express your sympathy to someone who has recently experienced a loss, sending flowers is an effective way to do so. Though a floral gift will not extinguish the pain that your recipient is feeling, sending a gift of this type is an appropriate way to show him that he is not alone and remind him that you care. To make this message even more clear, pen and attach a thoughtful sympathy card.

Conciseness Is Key

Writing a long and rambling sympathy note isn’t the best way to get your thoughts across. Instead of taking up the recipient’s time during this difficult period, compose only a few short sentences to express your sentiments. It's difficult to express the degree to which you feel sadness for your friend or family member's loss with words, so don’t try to do so by cluttering your card with excessive verbiage. Your flowers will already send the “I feel for you” message.

Personalize Your Note

Instead of using a blanket “I am sorry for your loss,” customize your message by mentioning the specific reason for which you are expressing your sympathy. Say, for example, “Your Uncle Dan meant a lot to so many,” to make it clear that you are truly connected to the individual to whom you are expressing sympathy as well as the individual whom’s loss your flowers are intended to commemorate.

Integrate a Quote

If you find yourself at a loss for words, consider using a quote to more adequately express how you feel. For example, borrow words from Bertolt Brecht, stating, “Do not fear death so much but rather the inadequate life.” Follow this quote with a sentence in which you state that the person the recipient has lost lived life to the fullest and made an impact on the world. With the inclusion of a quote, you can often express your thoughts more eloquently and make your point more plainly apparent.

Offer Assistance

Though the recipient of your floral gift may not take you up on it, it is customary and polite to offer your assistance should she need it. Conclude the card by telling her that you are there if she needs support or that she can turn to you if she needs a sympathetic shoulder. Particularly because individuals going through difficult times often feel quite alone, this kindness and willingness to help will be greatly appreciated.

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